DVD’s 2000 – 1996

  • 2000
  1. New World Disorder by FreeRide Entertainment
  2. Sprung 4
  3. Superheros by Neil Sanders
  4. Evolve by Calculated Risk Films
  • 1999
  1. Kranked 4 – Search for the Holey Trail
  2. Pulp Traction by Specialized
  • 1998
  1. Sprung 2
  • 1997
  1. ChilliVideo by Chainspotting
  • 1996
  1. Chain Smoke by Fox Racing

New World Disorder by FreeRide Entertainment


Most people seeing the beautiful stone walls of a Western canyon would be
content to gaze at the view or snap some photos. But not the fun-loving maniacs
in this production, whose natural inclination is to jump, bounce, skid, and
careen down the canyon walls on bicycles. Besides some truly spectacular cliff
jumps, this tribute to “new school mountain biking” also features segments
showing off deliriously reckless riders balancing precariously atop a strange
elevated roadway made of logs and boards in the middle of a pine forest, plenty
of “dirt jumping,” and clips of riders going all out in more conventional
downhill mountain bike racing. A few comic interludes, including scenes
accurately titled “Nuns with Guns” don’t get in the way too much, and this is
mostly a beautifully shot and exciting tribute to daredevils pushing their
pedals to their limits.

New World Disorder drops you into the twisted world of new school mountain
biking and it’s outrageous offspring. Hold on for 65 mph speed wheelies, full
suspension wheelchairs, 55 foot cliff drops, world cup downhilling, deadly dirt
jumping and crazed unicycle stunts. Shot in 16mm across the globe, “NWD”
pioneers the latest in extreme filmmaking techniques–helmet, boom and steadi-
cam footage combined with high speed helicopter footage provides a visual feast
never before seen in mountain biking. Includes music by Anthrax, Choclair, Dope,
Upper Class Racket, Ween.

Riders: Cedric Gracia, John Cowan and Josh Bender


  1. Crazy Town – Toxic
  2. Anthrax – Fueled
  3. Fu Manchu – Hell on Wheels
  4. AFI – Totalimmortal
  5. Lunachicks – The Passenger
  6. Blood For Blood – Living in Exile
  7. Gluecifer – Chewin’ Fingers
  8. Furnaceface – Calling from the Lord
  9. Skinny J’s – The Best
  10. Upper Class Racket – Roll With It
  11. Dope – Intervention


Sprung 4

Sprung4 “a laugh a minute” style vid, with some wow’s thrown in for good measure. Purely the more “hardcore” side of mountain biking. Footage includes: the worlds, New York, BMW, Comedy Crashes, Morzine DH, Urban games, etc…


Superheros by Neil Sanders

An incredible first film from Jay Brunelle and Neil Sanders. Features free-riding and downhilling that will blow your mind and leave you screaming for more.

Riders:  Alan Cooke, Anthony Medaglia, Bill Rousell, Carl Rodger, Cedric Gracia, Christer Iramx, Danny Minx, Darrel Young, Demitre Cost, Drake Swett, Eirc Carter, Eric Barton, Grant West, James Camino, Jason Sigfrid, Jiro Nakamura, Joe Lawill, Josh Bender, Kenny Bert, Kirk Desmond, Mark Weir, Marla Streb, Mike King, Myles Rockwell, Nathan Rennie, Nick Natano, Orlando Martinez, Randy Spangler, Ritchey Schley, Rob Sears, Rob Yetman, Scott Fellers, Scott Hart, Scott Sharples, Scott Ybarra, Shaums March, Steve Peat and Wade Bootes.


Evolve by Calculated Risk Films

Evolve will take you on a tour of North America with continents best trial and stunt riders. They work such cities as Los Angeles, Saint Fransisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Denver, Philadelphia, New York City and more! Evolve is the standart for any and all mountain bike trials and stunt films. Flawless editing, unique camera work and entertaining production push Evolve into your VCR every day. If you ride mountain bike, you must own Evolve!

Riders: Chris Clark, Jeff Lenosky, JJ Gregorowicz, Kris Holm, Lance Trappe, Martin Haywes, Martin Kleivard, Ryan Leech


  1. Intro : Jon Cougar Concentration Camp – Reece’s Feces
  2. San Francisco: 88 Fingers Louie – Elmers
  3. Monterey: FYP – Hungover Girl
  4. Los Angeles: Jon Cougar Concentration Camp – My Favourite Place
  5. NYC: Dillinger Four – Supermodels Don’t Drink Colt.45/Shut Your Little Trap, Inc
  6. Philadelphia: Decay – Tattoo
  7. Pennsylvania: Chaniwa – Little Dog
  8. JJ Gregorowicz: The Fairlanes – Last Sunrise
  9. Ryan Intro: The Gamits – Sweet Valley High
  10. Vancouver: The Lillingtons – I Need Some Brain Damage
  11. North Shore: Decay – Break Away
  12. Seattle: Oblivion – Meanwhile, Back On The Satellite
  13. Colorado: The Gamits – Dead Like An Enemy
  14. Credits: Fifteen – Evolve


Kranked 4 – Search for the Holey Trail

1999 - searchfortheholeytrail

Spectacular 16mm footage from Australia, Canada, France, Morocco, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. Building upon the first three films of the Kranked Trilogy (Kranked – Live to Ride, Kranked 2 – Trails from the Crypt and Kranked 3 – Ride Against the Machine). Search for the Holey Trail incorporates spectacular footage, crisp edits, tweaked special effects, and a fantastic story line as the best mountain bikers in the world let it all hang out for the cameras and your viewing pleasure.


Pulp Traction by Specialized

“The path of the righteous biker is beset on all sides by the inequalities of bad mountain biking films and painfully boring stunts.” This wild video features wild off-road action and heart-wrenching rides with the best way to get around, THE MOUNTAIN BIKE!!! The video features music by Seal, Hole, and Sugar Ray, and is shot in Hawaii, ARizona, Colorado, and many other states. Don’t miss this one!

Riders: Bob Roll, Bob Siverston, Brett Tippie, Dave Swetland, Derek Westerlund, Graig Olsson, Keith Elliot, Kirsten Peterson, Mattew Hebbard, Ned Overend, Richie Schley, Steve Stanyer and Todd Tanner.




Sprung 2

Sprung 2 Lifted the roof when it premiered at Cheddar challenge in 1998, this classic from the days of VHS features every aspect of the UK DH and MTB scene in 1998 from the NPS races to sessions with all the top uk riders, the good feelings of riding off road will flood back, featuring Steve peat and rob warner video diaries, Steve Peat session in warnclife, more south west scene, the euro champs in czech republic and an animal roadtrip to switzerland, plus much more.

Riders: Rob Warner and Steve Peat.




ChilliVideo by Chainspotting

Discover the truth behind mountain biking addiction; hang out with the riders in the their own haunts; go beyond extreme action and off into a psychedelic soul ride.

Follow Steve Peat, Rob Warner, Martyn Ashton, Wil Longden, Martin Hawyes and special guest Hans Rey, from the UK to Southern California, in search of mountain biking nirvana.

Shot raw and live, in 16mm motion picture film with a soundtrack featuring Tribute to Nothing, Black Star Liner, Orbital, Death in Vegas, C.J.Bolland, Space Monkeys, Garbage, Freakpower and more…

Riders: Andrew Titley, Andy Bear, Andy Pope, Hans Rey, Jammie Hibbard, Martin Hawyes, Martyn Ashton, Mike Hing, Paul Shollock, Rob Warner, Robin Kitchin, Steve Geall, Steve Kitchin, Steve Peat, Tim Ponting, Tom Edwards and Wil Longden.


  1. Intro : Guy Fletcher – Chainspotting
  2. Rob Warner: Space Monkeys – Blowing Down the Stylus
  3. Martin Hawes: Garbage – Milk (Witzy Remix)
  4. Team Animal: Tribute to Nothing – Think You Should
  5. Martyn Ashton: Orbital – Satan
  6. Will Longden: Black Star Liner – Killah Connection
  7. Stripper: Crustation – Purple
  8. LA: Death in Vegas – Rocco
  9. The Mart(y)(i)ns: Freakpower – Husband
  10. Hans Rey: C.J Bolland – Sugar Is Sweeter
  11. Credits: Mother – Gotta Luv It




Chain Smoke by Fox Racing

“Chainsmoke” set a new standard for DH and XC mountain bike videos. Besides having an incredible selection of music, the filming is excellent. If you’re looking for an awesome biking video, this is it. Once you’ve watched this one though, all of the others will seem null in comparison.

Riders: Alison Sydor, Cadel Evans, Chad Herrington, Fuzzy Hall, Gunner Shogren, Joe Parkin, Libor Karas, Mike Metzger, Missy Glove, Randy Lawrence, Shaun Palmer, Susan DeMattei, Tinker Juarez and Todd Lyons.



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