DVD’s 2008 – 2007

  • 2008
  1. New World Disorder 9 – Never Enough by FreeRide Entertainment
  2. Pinned by BNC Productions
  3. Vicious Circle
  4. Unlimited 2
  5. How About It
  6. This is Australia
  7. Koxx Days 2008
  8. Bang Bang
  9. Summer of Shred by Backlash Ent
  10. Like a Pro by Fluidride
  11. The Uprising
  12. 3Focus by Orpheus Production
  13. Victory by  MTBcut
  14. Project North
  15. Foot Out Flat Out by  Aaron Bartlett
  16. F1RST by  Clay Porter
  17. Best of Earthed by  Dirt Magazine
  18. Latitudes by  DH Productions
  19. Seasons by The Collective
  20. Virtuous by Ionate Films
  • 2007
  1. New World Disorder 8 – Smack Down by  FreeRide Entertainment
  2. Jeff Lenosky’s Greatest Hits
  3. BITS III CKD by  Pist-N-Broke Prod
  4. Re-Focus by Orpheus Production
  5. Klunkerz by  William Savage
  6. Live to Ride by  MB UK
  7. Home by  Reset Films
  8. Between The Tape by  Clay Porter
  9. Illusionary Lines by  Tony Butler
  10. Sevenvision by  The Cut


New World Disorder 9 – Never Enough by FreeRide Entertainment

Gee Atherton ripping the Worlds course the day after winning the race, Robbie
Bourdon stomping a 70 ft. flat spin and Fabien Barel dropping an insane, near
vertical line in Morocco, that’s right New World Disorder is back with it’s 9th
installment, “Never Enough.” Filmed exclusively in Super 16mm and High

New Spots like China, Australien and Marokko; Qashqai Contest Serie Madrid,
München and London; World Cup Races in Slowenien; Andorra, Schottland, Italien
und Quebec.

Riders: Alex Pro, Andreu Lacondeguy, Ben Boyko, Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul, Darren Berrecloth, Gee Atherton, Paul Basagoitia and Wayne Goss.

  1. Dragonforce – The Fire Still Burns
  2. Phontaine – Telephone Drone
  3. The Gaslight Anthem – Red In The Morning
  4. Crystal Castles – Untrust Us
  5. Black Label Society – Suicide Messiah
  6. Adham Shaikh – Krishna (Ambient Mix)
  7. Bryan Ingram – Sanskrit Quest
  8. D.Todd Sorensen – Head Hunter
  9. Black Tide – Shockwave
  10. Madvillain – Money Folder Instrumental (Four Tet Remix)
  11. LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out
  12. Phontaine – Picking It Up
  13. Authority Zero – Sirens
  14. Army of the Pharaohs – Dump The Clip
  15. No Age – Ripped Knees
  16. Cam’ron – Killa Cam (Instrumental)
  17. Santogold – LES Artistes
  18. Phontaine – Holy Grain Serial
  19. Shiny Toy Guns – Richochet!
  20. Aphex Twin – Mold
  21. Baroness – Rise
  22. Skindred – Rude Boy for Life
  23. Supergrass – Bad Blood
  24. Thornton and Ramzy – Morocco Dance
  25. Another Black Day – Wicked Soul
  26. Zeph & Azeem ft. Tut & DJ Teeko – Everything’s Different

Pinned by BNC Productions

Gravity racing is the focus in this DVD. If you like going fast, PINNED is for you. Pure adrenaline from start to finish from various venues throughout the year. Races from Sea Otter, Anglefire, Southridge in Fontana and many more are featured.

Riders: Chris Kovarik, Chris Shewmake, David K, Evilio, Ian Odom, Steve Wentz and Szymon Kowalski.


Vicious Circle

Shot on digital , HD and 8 mm. Filmed through both sides of North America. ‘Vicious Circle’ pushes the limits of what can be accomplished on a bike. Featuring the first ever 65 foot ‘Double Road Gap’ , some of the gnarliest tricks ever done on a mountain bike and the fastest racers coming out of Canada. BMX is also featured in the DVD. This movie includes the top athletes of the industry , plus the introduction of Graham Agassiz and Isael CotÚ.

Riders: Ben Boyko, Brandon Semenuk, Brian Onofrichuk, Clarie Buchar, Dominick Menard, Graham Agassiz, Isael Cote, J-F Boulianne, Mattew Laurin, Steve Bergerton and Wade Lajlar.


  1. Kyuss – Un Sandpiper
  2. Teddybears – Yours To Keep
  3. New Order – Ceremony
  4. Ratatat – Seventeen Years
  5. Josh Martinez – Time Alone
  6. Ironik ft. Lassemblée – Faudrait Pas
  7. Dolly Parton – Jolene
  8. Accept – Don’t Go Stealing My Soul Away
  9. Alice Cooper – Poison
  10. Opus – Live is life


Unlimited 2

Unlimited 2 is a amateur movie that includes freeride, dirt and Polish dh cup segments.
It was made in the year 2008 by a group of mtb enthusiasts from Zywiec, using virtually no budget.
The movie lacks that what big-budget productions can offer but it makes it up with creativity and skills.

Riders: Andrzei Wantola, Patryk Hernas, Pawel Mrozek, Piotr Herzyk, Rafal Wiewora, Slawek Vatroba and Tymek Blachura.


How About It

Shot on location in New Zealand, this film features seven of the countrys finest mountain bikers in action on the most spectacular and challenging terrain they can find.
Join Brett Frew, Sam Blenkinsop, Cameron Cole, Paul Needham, Matt Scoles, Kieran Bennett and Ben Finney as they ride through dense rain forest and across barren, windswept high country. DVD extras include almost two hours of bonus footage, interviews, outtakes, crashes and more.

Riders: Ben Finney, Cameron Cole, Join Brett Frew, Kieran Bennett, Matt Scoles, Paul Needham and Sam Blenkinsop.


This is Australia

TIA is an explosive documentary that delves deep into the lives of the top riders who have given Australia its reputation, explores the challenges faced by the younger riders trying to establish themselves in a sport that takes everything you have to succeed, and asks: what makes Sam Hill so fast.

Riders: Amiel Cavalier, Ben Cory, Chris Kovarik, Jared Graves, Jared Rando, Joel Bain, Mitch Delfs, Nathan Rennie, Rhys Willemise, Sam Hill and Shaun O’Conner.


  1. Intro: Oseven – The Incredibles
  2. Nathan Rennie: The Temper Trap – Sunday Painter
  3. Rhys Willemse: Grafton Primary – Hidden Cycle
  4. Joel Bain: My Secret Circus – War Games
  5. Jared Graves: The Hard-Ons – Bubble Bath
  6. Talking: Joeb – Far Away
  7. Shaun O Connor: Glen Wilson – Detour
  8. Jared Rando / Amiel Cavalier: Dekannen – Thirteen
  9. Bo Percival – Night Giants (2 Minutes To Midnight Mix)
  10. Ben Cory: Only The Sea Slugs – Love Is Dead
  11. The Meaning Of – The Alligator Festival
  12. Paper Scissors – We Don’t Walk
  13. Chris Kovarik: The Meaning Of – The World Got In The Way
  14. Joeb – Hold
  15. Sam Hill: The Meaning Of – For You
  16. Bo Percival – SLP (SHS Breaks Mix)
  17. Diamonds – Waste Land
  18. Mitch Delfs: My Secret Circus – No Cure
  19. The Temper Trap – Sirens
  20. The Temper Trap – My Sun
  21. Conclusion: The Temper Trap – Peter Parker’s Alter Ego
  22. Credits: Pott Street – Reminice


Koxx Days 2008

Contest Koxx Days 2008 (France)

Riders: Vincent Hermance, Aurelien Fontenoy, Gilles Coustellier, Kenny Belaey


Bang Bang

Take a behind the scenes look at two of freeride mountain biking’s top athletes. Follow the roller coaster ride of ups and downs in their day-to-day lives of traveling, competing, riding and everyday mayhem. Aaron Chase and Cameron McCaul lead you on their unpredictable journey through Europe for freeridings biggest contest series. The story takes a twist when Chase suffers a possible career ending injury, while McCaul continues on, traveling from country to country battling for top honors and the largest cash purse ever in freeride. Watch Chase claw his way back through painful surgeries, therapy and recovery as McCaul continues to tear it up everywhere he goes. Find out why these guys are considered 2 of the top freeriders in the world.

Riders: Aaron Chase and Cam McCaul.


  1. Intro : Von Skinny – Midnight Lovers
  2. Newcastle: Countervision – Ease to Fallout
  3. Newcastle: Countervision – Letdown
  4. Milan: Kill Cheerleader – Sell Your Soul
  5. Madrid: Mz Ann Thropik – Dynamite
  6. Ace’s Doctor Visits: Redlight Cinema – Stir Crazy
  7. Cologne: Von Skinny – No More
  8. Paris: Redlight Cinema – Pandemonium
  9. Wrap Up: Von Skinny – Midnight Lovers
  10. Credits: The Nutley Brass – Last Caress


Summer of Shred by Backlash Ent

Check out the mountain bike video the Summer Of Shred, as it travels around the world to meet the top riders in every discipline, laying down tire tracks on epic mountain trails, dirt jumps, and the most intense freeride terrain that the world has to offer. The Summer of Shred featured world class freerider Phil Sundbaum, who is on a mission to ride every style of biking that the sport has to offer – with the pros who know it best.

Riders: Colin Mackay, Darcy Turenne, Eric Porter,, Greg Minnaar, Hans Rey, Justin Leov, Ryan Nyquist and Timo Pritzel.


Like a Pro by Fluidride

Fluidride: Like a Pro focuses on the body movement of successful cyclists, and breaks down complex movements into an easily understandable format. A mix of discussion, theory, physics, and actual lessons, Fluidride: Like A Pro tackles each section from a variety of angles with excellent trail riding and racing examples to illustrate technique. This video will help take your riding to the next level. Intended for riders of all off road disciplines from Novice to Expert. Learn more at Bones Over Metal or Fluidride

Riders: Jennifer Tell, Joe Perizio, Lars Sternberg, Luke Strobel, Nick Tuttle, Simon Lawton, Tristyn Duerr and Tyler Gilsdorf.


The Uprising

The Uprising documents the fastest and most talented young riders from around the world. Watch them shred their home tracks, from the wet hillsides of Scotland to the foot deep dust of South Africa, and everywhere in between.

Then see them challenge the old boys in probably the most intense and exciting season or racing ever. From the Atherton domination in Andorra to the epic World Championships in Italy, young Kiwi Sam Blenkinsop’s first WC win in Schladming and Josh Bryceland’s Wolrd Champs title, this is racing like you have never seen before.

Add to this a soundtrack featuring MGMT, Shiny Toy Guns, AC/DC, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Collie Buddz, Hilltop Hoods, Sinistapushaman and Nina Simone and you have an hour of inspirational and fresh riding, mint tunes, and a general vibe that will leave you wondering why you are inside watching TV when you should be on your bike!

Riders: Danny Hart, Greg Minaar, Greg Saharin, Harry Heath, Josh Bryceland, Nico Vink, Paul Aston, Sam Hill, Seannan O’Riordan and Watt Simmons.


  1. MGMT – Kids
  2. Wolfmother – Woman (MSTRKRFT Remix)
  3. Radio 4 – Enemies Like This
  4. Collie Buddz – Blind to You
  5. Neo Plastix – Gentlemens Gold
  6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion
  7. MGMT – Electric Feel
  8. Sinistapushaman – Dont Get Left
  9. AC/DC – If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)
  10. Interface vs. Laid Blak – It’s a Pity
  11. Hilltop Hoods – The Nosebleed Section
  12. Desert Sessions – I Wanna Make It Wit Chu
  13. Dub Pistols – Architect
  14. Nina Simone – Sinnerman
  15. Hustle Rose – Metric
  16. Shiny Toy Guns – Don’t Cry Out
  17. Kings of Leon – Ragoo


3Focus by Orpheus Production

3Focus dives in headfirst to the madness that is the UCI World Cup, and doesnt come up for air for nearly an hour. Insane high speeds, raw emotions and an eclectic soundtrack make 3Focus a truly entertaining account of life on the road racing bikes. Stunning scenery, amazing camerawork, and revolutionary shooting techniques are all present, and combine with the pure energy of the racers to produce something pretty damn special.

Riders: Adam Brayton, Brian Lopes, James Stock, Justin Leov, Matti Lehikoinen, Paul Aston, Rémi Thirion and Sam Blenkinsop.


  1. Matti Lehikoinen: Guns and Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine
  2. The Undeserving – Look Inside
  3. Brian Lopes: Styles of Beyond – Story Begins
  4. The Grits – Ooh Ah
  5. Justin Leov / Sam Blenkinsop: The Go! Team – Huddle Formation
  6. Mint Royale – Singing in the Rain Remix
  7. James Stock / Paul Aston: Goodshirt – Buck it Up
  8. The Ponys – Maybe I’ll Try
  9. Wolfmother – Woman
  10. Ladytron – Blue Jeans
  11. The Stranglers – Golden Brown
  12. The Dub Pistols – Running from the Thoughts
  13. Rémi Thirion: The Script – Rusty Halo
  14. Chevelle – I Get It
  15. Credits: Latch Key Kid – Streets of Gold


Victory by  MTBcut

A tale of the 2008 Downhill season, ‘Victory’ is the first full DVD production from the video website MTBcut.tv. Follow the Highs and lows of 2008 as Greg Minnaar, Sam Hill, Gee Atherton and many more battle it out for honors in the World Cup and World Championship. From the rain soaked mountains of Bromont in Canada to the sun baked Slovenian hillside, follow the most exciting years World Cup racing ever.

Victory also features the best of UK racing and talent. Following the entire UK NPS series and featuring some of most exciting up-and-coming riders on the scene. Including new Junior World Champion Josh Bryceland, Irish Pinner Ben Reid, Mojo Suspension riders Stanbridge, Cathro and Hutchens along with the most exciting Street Trials rider in the World Danny Macaskill. It’s all here on one flat out DVD.

Riders: Ben Reid, Danny Macaskill, Gee Atherton, Greg Minnaar, Irish Pinner, Josh Bryceland and Sam Hill.


  1. Paul Callan – For The Love Of Cork
  2. The Butthole Surfers – Goofy’s Concern
  3. The Chalets – No Style
  4. J Live – Timeless
  5. DJ Einstein and Soup – Have and Have Nots
  6. Ben Reid: The Jam – A Bomb in Wardour Street
  7. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Is This Love
  8. The Chalets – Feel The Machine
  9. Stiff Little Fingers – Who Died and Made You Elvis
  10. Fdel – Instrumental Proficiency
  11. Flow Dynamics – Shock Ya Mind
  12. Boss Volenti – Roll Into Shape
  13. The Butthole Surfers – They Came In
  14. Josh Bryceland: The Shake – 8 O’Clock
  15. Natty – July
  16. Cake – Love You Madly
  17. Alice in Chains – Them Bones
  18. The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary
  19. Unknown Artist – Sound for Language
  20. The Cult – Rise
  21. The Poets of Rhythm – Ham Gallery
  22. Big Brother Bad – Heartland
  23. Big Brother Bad – This is Home
  24. Danny Macaskill: DJ Nu Mark – Brand Nu Live (ft JLive)
  25. Fdel – Rock Steady
  26. Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water


Project North

A Scandinavian MTB documentary. Shot on location in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

Riders: Janne Laitio, JM Pouta, Joonas Vinnari, Martin Söderström, Olli Eloranta and Trond Hansen.


Foot Out Flat Out by  Aaron Bartlett

Featuring only the very best in style and undiscovered raw talent, Foot Out Flat Out brings you the most in-depth look at the British race scene ever. Packed with big names, and some you may never had heard of, hand picked from around the UK for their amazing bike skills. The film follows the 2008 NPS season, Fort William World Cup, Dragon DH and some UK BMX action. This is the downhill race DVD you have been waiting for!

Riders: Aaron Bartlett, Adam Brayton, Alex Bond, Chris Doyle, Deejay, Joe Horton, Liam Mason, Marc Beaumont, Micky Boswell, Pat Campbell-Jenner, Rowan Sorrell and Sion Whitecross.


  1. Intro: justanotherdj – Bioscience
  2. Devils Gun – Ten Paces
  3. First of Giants – Hypochondriac
  4. Ammafist – Last Man Down
  5. The Brazen – Tellurian
  6. LR Rockets – Personality
  7. The Get Outs – Brand New Start
  8. LR Rockets – Pincer Movement
  9. The Altruist – (Specially Made)
  10. The Brazen – Gravity
  11. The Van Daniels – Wanna Dance With Me
  12. Skatch – Scarlett
  13. Emily Breeze – Badlands
  14. The Get Outs – Out to Freeze
  15. The Filthy Youth – Pirate
  16. Ammafist – Soulfree
  17. Mr Drastik – Give It Up
  18. Autorun – Smile For The Camera
  19. The Altruist – (Specially Made)
  20. The Ramsays – This Has All Been a Terrible Mistake
  21. The Get Outs – Beer Can
  22. Arthur Walker – Extinguisher Glue
  23. Cav Johnson – What I’m About
  24. The Mojave Collective – Blame it on Lorraine
  25. Glide – M2krn Number 001
  26. The Get Outs – Mechanism
  27. Credits: The Ramsays – Intro


F1RST by  Clay Porter

From the creator of Between the Tape comes F1RST. Following multiple story lines, F1RST documents the 2007 World Cup Series and World Championships of Downhill Mountain Bike Racing.

Interviewed are over 30 of the sports top riders and team managers that collectively tell the story of both the 2007 Season and the sport of Downhill Mountain Bike Racing as a whole. F1RST breaks new ground in documenting the extreme and comparatively young sport of Downhill Racing, and does so with a dept and intensity not seen before.

Riders: Brendan Fairclough, Cole Bangert, Filip Polc, Greg Minnaar, J.D. Swaguen, Jared Graves, Justin Leov, Luke Strobel, Marc Beaumont, Matti Lehikonen, Nathan Rennie, Sam Blenkinsop, Sam Hill, Steve Peat and The Athertons.


  1. Intro : Röyksopp – Triumphant
  2. Rise Against – Worth Dying For
  3. Ian Brown – Kiss Ya Lips (No ID)
  4. VAST – Thrown Away
  5. VAST – Don’t Take Your Love Away
  6. Freestylers – Warning
  7. Shiny Toy Guns – You Are The One
  8. VAST – Turquoise
  9. Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Snake Devil
  10. Rebelution – Attention Span
  11. VAST – Falling From the Sky
  12. VAST – Be With Me
  13. U.N.K.L.E. – In a State
  14. VAST – What Else Do I Need/Epithalamica Excerpts
  15. VAST – I Don’t Have Anything
  16. Outro: Coldplay – Clocks


Best of Earthed by  Dirt Magazine

The Best of Earthed – the long awaited best of Earthed is here; watch over an hour of the World’s finest Mountain bike video footage all on one DVD for the first time! Feature highlights include: Earthed 1 – Mt St. Anne World Cup, Iron Horse I Bromont, Battle Royal Mini Bike Race, No Clips BMX. Earthed 2 – Rich Cunynghame section, Neil Donoghue section, Les Deux Alpes, World Cup, UCI DH BMX, Ben Reid and Friends, Worlds – Les Gets. Earthed 3 – Intro, Hardtails Rule, Mega Avalanche, Fabien Barel section, Ft. William World Cup. Earthed 4 – Gientress & innerieithen, Isle of Sky, Brazil World Cup, Welsh trail centres. Earthed 5 – Honda 1.04, Schladming World Cup Ft. William World Champs, Sam Hill 1.04.

Riders: Ben Reid, Fabien Barel, Neil Donoghue, Rich Cunynghame and Sam Hill.


Latitudes by  DH Productions

From the acclaimed creators of the Chain Reaction series and SEVENVISION comes a progressive and soulful mountain bike adventure that shows the deeper you get involved with your passion, the smaller your world becomes.

Four time Emmy Award winning producer/director, Don Hampton and crew have been spanning the globe to capture every angle in pristine high definition. Latitudes features the usual cast of characters from the DH Productions stable, as well as other top athletes that are shaping the next generation of mountain biking. Including Joe Perrizo’s record breaking dirt to dirt backflip. Latitudes showcases the sessions with our athletes from stunning locations from around the world, such as the French Alps, Puerto Rico, Canary Islands, Utah, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Mexico, California, New Jersey and more.

Riders: Aaron Chase, Adam Hauck, Amelia Colasurdo, Amir Karbonni, Andreu Lacondeguy, Andrew Taylor, Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul, Carlo Dieckmann, Carter Holland, Chris Van Dine, Clint McMahon, Dave Smutok, Emily Johnston, George Ryan, Hannah Hannah, Jamie Goldman, JD Swanguen, Jeff Lenosky, Jim DeChamp, Jim Tharp, Joe Perrizo, Josh Bender, Kyle Ebbett, Lars Tribus, Lisa Myklak, Mike Metzger, Nick Van Dine, Randy Spangler, Rocco Quintiliani, Steve Bafus, Travis Hart, Tyler McCaul and Wayne Goss.


  1. ZZ Top – Beer Drinkers & Hellraisers
  2. RJD2 – Ghostwriter
  3. 30 Seconds to Mars – Beautiful Lie
  4. The Otha’s – Just Like That
  5. Peter, Bjorn & John – Young Folks
  6. AC/DC – Let’s Get It Up
  7. Pimp Daddy Nash – It’s a Wonderful Life
  8. Ted Nugent – Stranglehold
  9. Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’ With Disaster
  10. Korn – Shoots and Ladders


Seasons by The Collective

In 2004, The Collective released the self-titled film, The Collective. The film went on to win several prestigious awards and quickly became recognised by mountain bikers around the world as the film that the mountain bike world had been waiting for. In 2006, their second film, Roam, was released to even greater critical and commercial success. The film played to a series of sell out cinema screening throughout the UK.
Now in 2008, The Collective are back with their eagerly anticipated third feature, “Seasons”.
Following seven of the worlds top mountain bikers through the course of the four seasons of the year, “Seasons” brings cinematic grandeur to the genre of mountain bike films. From the heat of competition downhill racing to riders ripping singletrack against the backdrop of a summer sunset, “Seasons” is a must see for film fans and bike fans alike. The film stars the biggest names in mountain biking including former UCI World Cup Downhill Champion Steve Peat.

Riders: Andrew Shandro, Cam McCaul, Darren Berrecloth, Matt Hunter, Steve Peat, Stevie Smith, Thomas Vanderham and Trond Hansen.


  1. Intro: Latch Key Kid – Dark Clouds Instrumental
  2. Steve Peat: The Sessions – My Love
  3. Matt Hunter: Sick Days – Fleeing The Scene
  4. Andrew Shandro: Rich Smith – Faythe
  5. Cam McCaul: Kinski – Boy Was I Mad!
  6. Trond Hansen: Latch Key Kid – Fountain Of Youth
  7. Stevie Smith: Wintersleep – Orca
  8. Thomas Vanderham: Latch Key Kid – Devil Down Instrumental
  9. Darren Berrecloth: The Tragically Hip – The Lonely End Of The Rink
  10. Andrew Shandro: Citizen Cope – Bullet And A Target
  11. Steve Peat: Rob The Viking – The Finish
  12. Steve Peat: Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade
  13. Matt Hunter: The Sessions – Eighteen Candles
  14. Darren Berrecloth / Cam McCaul: Josh Martinez & Samix – Time Alone
  15. Adham Shaikh – Thru The Looking Glass
  16. Pennywise – Peaceful Day
  17. Thomas Vanderham: Latch Key Kid – Mail Pais
  18. Damian Marley – Born To Be Wild
  19. Phontaine – Tokyo Jah
  20. The Cat Empire – Two Shoes
  21. Credits: Phontaine – Todos Santos


Virtuous by Ionate Films

Ionate films consists of Brian Gottschalk and Fabian Näf (both born 1978), two guys from central Switzerland. VIRTUOUS is their first production with focus on aesthetic footage off the racetracks shot entirely in Full High Definition.

«The Best Underdog Film Of 2008.» -pinkbike.com
«ionate films beings you one of the must see Mountain Bike Films of the season.» -rip.tv
«A beautifully shot mountain bike movie from Switzerland.» -nsmb.com

Riders: Adrian Fischer, David Kretz, Kevin Fanghänel, Marcel Schläpfer, Mathé Hüsler, Ralph van den Berg, Rene Wildhaber, Sacha Robert, Samuel Zbinden and Vinzenz Guntern.


  1. Intro: Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost
  2. Sacha Robert: Herbaliser & Phi Life Cypher – Distinguished Jamaican English (The Herbaliser Remix)
  3. Vinzenz Guntern: Hillbilly Moon Explosion – Little Lil
  4. Adrian Fischer: Japrazz – Keep Your Guard Up
  5. René Wildhaber: January Jaunt – Hopeful Ways
  6. David Kretz: Be-Noizy – Bad Boy
  7. Kevin Fanghänel / Marcel Schläpfer / Ralph van den Berg: Flink – Well Well Well
  8. Samuel Zbinden: As Friends Rust – Born With a Silver Spoon Up Your Ass
  9. Camera Obscura – Country Mile
  10. Mathe Hüsler: Cargo City – When I Sleep I Disappear
  11. End: Strozzini – Go Away



New World Disorder 8 – Smack Down by  FreeRide Entertainment

Welcome to world-wide mayhem! 16 of the planet’s best freeride mountain bikers will battle it out for the title of Ultimate Freeride Champion! New World Disorder 8 “Smack Down” promises to be just that, a severe throw down of the sickest moves in the business – Longdoogie flip whips, Insano camel hand plants, massive Flying Bourdini gaps and much more. Shot on location in Argentina, Israel, Europe, US and B.C. this edition of the NWD series cannot be missed
Smackdown is the absolute pinnacle of the New World disorder series. A specticleof film making and progressive mountain biking. Shot on location in Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Israel, Argentina, Merlin’s House, Utah & British Columbia. Also contains exclusive event coverage from The Nissan Qashqai Challenge, Crankworx & the Bear Claw Invitational

Riders: Andreu Lacondeguy, Ben Boyko, Brian Lopes, Cam McCaul, Cedric Gracia, Darren Berrecloth, Fabien Barel, Jeff Lenosky, Kirt Voreis, Kurtis Sorge, Kyle Strait, Paul Basagotia, Richie Schley, Robbie Bourdon, Wade Simmons and Wayne Goss.


  1. Taking Asylum Cue 16 – Rob Simonsen
  2. Molotov – Dance and Dense Denso
  3. Andreu Lacondeguy: Billy Talent – Devil In A Midnight Mass
  4. Wayne Goss: R.A. the Rugged Man – Chains
  5. Wayne Goss: Seb Taylor – Camel Jumpin
  6. Fabien Barel: Shiny Toy Guns – Starts With One
  7. Jeff Lenosky: TV On The Radio – Staring At The Sun
  8. Darren Berrecloth: Priestess – Lay Down
  9. Cameron McCaul: The Datsuns – Stuck Here For Days
  10. Cédric Gracia: Jakalope – Upside Down
  11. Zion I and The Grouch – Trigger
  12. The Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
  13. Ponticello – Antarctica
  14. Richie Schley / Brian Lopes: The Chicharones – Breaking Point
  15. Kirt Voreis: The Donnas – Take It Off
  16. Kurtis Sorge: Moistboyz – In The Valley Of The Sun
  17. Robbie Bourdon / Wade Simmons / Kyle Strait: Buckcherry – Out Of Line
  18. Paul Basagotia: Mims feat. Purple Popcorn – This Is Why I Am Hot
  19. Ben Boyko: Rise Against – Drones
  20. Supersuckers – The Fight Song


Jeff Lenosky’s Greatest Hits

Jeff Lenosky’s Greatest Hits includes some of the most jaw dropping video segments from the last 10 years. This DVD documents Jeff’s progression all the way from the original classic “Keepin’ it Real” to his Bike Magazine award winning section from Chain Reaction 5 and everything in between.

Rider: Jeff Lenosky


BITS III CKD by  Pist-N-Broke Prod

This is the final installment in the best selling Back In The Saddle franchise from Pist-N-Broke productions. A wicked selection of riders and some of the best camera work in the business makes all the BITS vids an essential in every collection.

Riders: Riders include Ben Boyko, Wade Simmons, Darren Berrecloth, Geoff Gulevich, Steve Romaniuk, Tyler Klassen and many more up and coming stars.


  1. Blinded – Fight For You
  2. Moneyshot – Cowboys and Angels
  3. LTG – Sickness
  4. Dos Hombres – That’s The One
  5. Good Riddance – Last Believer
  6. Character Traits – Wandering Bluesman
  7. Cranston Foundation – Day by Day
  8. Moneyshot – Innocent
  9. Ben Boyko: Character Traits – Moving Day
  10. Moneyshot – The Paradox of Paradise
  11. Moneyshot – One Million Degrees


Re-Focus by Orpheus Production

Re-Focus is the sequel to the hit film Focus, released in 2006. re-Focus was shot in High Definition, over a period of nine months, utilising a custom designed cablecam rig to bring you shots impossible to achieve using conventional methods.

Riders:  Alex Bond, Claudio Cozzi, Fabien Barel, Ivan Oulego, Marco Millivinti, Mike Skinner, Pasqual Canals, Paul Aston, Sabrina Jonnier, Sam Hill and Tracey Moseley.


  1. Ms Manikin – Wonderboy
  2. We Are The Physics – Bullimia Sisters
  3. Ivan Oulego / Pasqual Canals: Rush Hour Soul – Sixteen
  4. Hip Parade – Katie Goes Dancing
  5. Roland Shanks – Cutting Teeth
  6. Dave Green – The Boys Will Be Out
  7. Conway – Don’t Waste Your Tears
  8. Claudio Cozzi / Marco Millivinti: Bloomfield Underground – Bedroom Blues
  9. Kalena – Eastern Block
  10. Kalena – Above All Reason
  11. Kalena – Bare to the Floor
  12. Sabrina Jonnier / Tracey Moseley: Underground Heroes – Dolly Boys
  13. Jag – Lover In Handcuffs
  14. Surf City – Headin’ Inside
  15. Fortune Drive – My Girlfriend’s an Arsonist
  16. Howard Roark – You Got The Moves
  17. Fabien Barel: The Crooks – Lies
  18. Roland Shanks – August
  19. Conway – Dirty Tricks
  20. Credits: Stilltide – Flyaway


Klunkerz by  William Savage

Riders: Alan Bonds, Joe Breeze, Bob Burrowers, Wende Cragg, Carter Cox, Tom Cox, Charlie Cunningham, Gary Fischer, Otis Guy, Charlie Kelly, Chris Lang, Russ Mahon, James McLean, Jaquie Phelan, Steve Potts, Tom Ritchey, John Finley Scott (RIP), Mike Sinyard, Tom Slivka “Eli”, Robert Stewart, Fred Wolf, John York.


Live to Ride by  MB UK

As MTB Riders, we all live to ride – any time, anywhere, any weather – and the new MBUK ‘Live to Ride’ DVD is rammed with the hottest mountain bike action from the best bikers on the planet. It features loads of great footage to keep you occupied, whatever you’re into.
We’ve been hanging out with top Brit Gee Atherton on his home turf, along with all the action from the Red Bull District Rides in Catania and Nuremburg.
Freerider Chris Smith is back to show you how to wallride and X-up, so you can be the king [or queen] of the skate park/street scene.
Want to check out what the DMR/Identiti team got up to on their road trip to Cornwall? Look no further because we’ve got all the sun sea and sandy jumps for you to feast over.
You can see what Hans Rey and Steve Peat got up to on their tour/pub crawl of Ireland, including their visit to the Cliffs of Moher – the scale of which needs to be seen to be believed.

Riders: Aaron Chase, Andreu Lacondeguy, Cam McCaul, Chris Smith, Darren Berrecloth, Gee Atherton, Glen Coe, Grant Fielder, Hans Rey, Kyle Strait, Lance McDermoth, Mike Smith, Olly Wilkins, Pat Campbell-Jenner, Paul Basagoitia, Ricky Crompton, Sam Pilgrim, Steve Peat, Timo Pritzel and Tom Dowie.


Home by  Reset Films

Shot mainly in Scotland. “Home delves into the lives of some of the Worlds most passionate riders. Shot on HD and 16mm Home gets right to the core of what makes these people ride. It’s not just the characters who are inspiring, it’s also the World around them. Home captures the stunning landscape, the breathtaking scenery and the spirit of the place.”


Between The Tape by  Clay Porter

Between The Tape is the new and long awaited film by clay porter.
Following the DH world cup series and visiting numerous riders homes, clay brings fresh and new ideas to mountainbiking.

“Seven Sundays out of every year, they race the clock searching for the elusive perfect run….. and it all happens, Between The Tape”

rom the creator of Hypnosis comes a totally new experience. Shot on 5 continents, 15 countries and documenting the 2006 UCI World Cup Downhill Series, Between the Tape is a truly international affair. From the first round in Vigo to the beaches of Brazil to the scenery of New Zealand and then back to Europe for the finals in Austria, Between the Tape is World Cup downhill racing like you’ve never seen it before. Between the Tape features the world’s best doing what they do best – race the clock between the tape.

Filmed on location in USA, Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland, germany, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, and Ireland.

Riders: Ben Reid, Brendan Fairclough, Chris Kovarik, Duncan Riffle, Greg Minnaar, Jared Graves, Justin Leov, Marc Beaumont, Matti Lehikonen, Nathan Rennie, Sam Blenkinsop, Sam Hill, Steve Peat and The Athertons.


  1. Ian Brown – Happy Ever After
  2. Change of Face – So Much For Hope
  3. Every Move A Picture – Signs Of Life
  4. Rebelution – Safe and Sound
  5. JEM – 24
  6. Shiny Toy Guns – Starts With One
  7. And A Few To Break – Procession: When It Takes Your Love
  8. Skratch Bastid – I Ain’t Lazy
  9. Change of Face – Revision
  10. The Transfer ft. Wyn – It’s What
  11. Change of Face – Let It Burn
  12. The Transfer – Uncle Ron’s Town
  13. Coldcut ft. Roots Manuva – True Skool
  14. Elan – I Wanna Yell
  15. Change of Face – The Leader
  16. Change of Face – Unwanted
  17. Within Temptation – Mother Earth
  18. NOFX – The Separation of Church and Skate
  19. Muse – Map of the Problematique
  20. Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime
  21. Rebelution – Other Side
  22. Rebelution – What I Know


Illusionary Lines by  Tony Butler

Every World Cup, Every winner.The next in the Super8 series, only bigger and better. Illusionary Lines has been with the World Cup circus for the entire journey capturing every winner of a World Cup ripping in an isolated and unique part of the globe.

Travel to Africa, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Finland (Arctic circle), Germany, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain and Switzerland in a never ending journey to find the Illusionary Line.

Riders: Chris Kovarik, Claudio Caluori, Dan Atherton, Darren Pokoj, Gee Atherton, Greg Minnar, Markolf Berchtold, Matti Lehikoinen, Mick Hannah, Nathan Rennie and Sam Hill.


  1. Intro: Kasabian – Club Foot
  2. Radiohead – 2 + 2 = 5 (The Lukewarm)
  3. Chris Kovarik: Wolfmother – White Unicorn
  4. The Bravery – Fearless
  5. Mick Hannah: Planet Funk – Chase the Sun (extended club mix)
  6. Beth Orton – She Cries Your Name
  7. Snow Patrol – Hands Open
  8. Water – No Goodbye
  9. Claudio Caluori: We Are Scientists – Cash Cow
  10. Claudio Caluori: Kasabian – Club Foot
  11. Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4
  12. Gotye – The Only Way
  13. Nathan Rennie: The Bravery – Swollen Summer
  14. Mandoza – 50 50
  15. Muse – Knights of Cydonia
  16. Interpol – Say Hello to the Angels
  17. Chris Kovarik: Tool – Stinkfist
  18. Darren Pokoj: Hilltop Hoods – Recapturing the Vibe
  19. Markolf Berchtold: Cut Copy – Future
  20. The Go! Team – Ladyflash
  21. Matti Lehikoinen: Soulwax – E-Talking
  22. Dan Atherton / Gee Atherton: Datarock – Fa Fa Fa
  23. Thievery Corporation – Marching the Hate Machines into the Sun
  24. Radiohead – The National Anthem
  25. New Order – Crystal
  26. Sam Hill: Beck – Cell Phones Dead
  27. The Cops – Call Me Anytime


Sevenvision by  The Cut

The Cut – Sevenvision DVD is an international collection of seven of the most progressive and creative mountain bike free riders and downhill racers in the world.

Riders: Aaron Chase, Mick Hannah, Carlo Dieckmann, Wayne Goss, Chris Van Dine, Christopher Hatton, George Ryan.



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