DVD’s 2006 – 2005

  • 2006
  1. New World Disorder 7 – Llying High Again by FreeRide Entertainment
  2. 2nd Last Chance
  3. Marosana Never Dies 2
  4. Ladder Bridges by RushHD
  5. Earthed 4 – Death or Glory by Dirt Magazine
  6. Crankworx Freeride MTB Festival by Kokanee
  7. Drift III by Black Phoenix Films
  8. Tough As Hell by Atomlab
  9. Nine To Five by Gammalight Picture
  10. STUND
  11. ROAM by The Collective
  12. Clorophilla by Magmatic Studios
  13. Stripped by Clean Cut Films
  14. Evermore by Reel Picture
  • 2005
  1. New World Disorder 6 – Unchained by FreeRide Entertainment
  2. The Barbique by Yuck Fou Productions
  3. Method
  4. For the People
  5. Counterparts by DH Productions
  6. Genesis by Milkmana
  7. Halfway to Nowhere by MTB Films
  8. Adidas SlopStyle
  9. Earthed 3 – Europa by Dirt Magazine
  10. CRUX by Ryan Leech
  11. Back in the Saddle by Vas Ent.
  12. Anti Gravity 2 by Reflex Films
  13. Monkey Style 2 by Milkmana

New World Disorder 7 – Llying High Again by FreeRide Entertainment

New World Disorder VII – Flying High Again will rock you harder than Ozzy’s epic anthem! Once again, Freeride Entertainment travels the globe to capture the best riding on the planet! Filmed in HD and 16 mm, Flying High Again presents a visual landscape that feels weightless one moment and powerfully raw the next. Your heart will race as you witness in vibrant clarity the hugest airs, sickest stunts, and gnarliest urban assaults ever performed on a mountain bike! Hard-hitting tunes and loads of bonus features juice up this visually tasty movie, making it a must see! Shot on location in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and the USA.

Riders: Aaron Chase, Andreu Lacondeguy, Brian Lopes, Cam McCaul, Cam Zink, Carfin Dunne, Cedric Gracia, Darren Berrecloth, John Cowan, Kirt Voreis, Kurt Sorge, Kurt Voreis, Kyfe Strait, Luis Lacondeguy, Richi Schfey, Robbie Bourdon, Wage Simmons and Wayne Goss.


  1. Intro: Rebel Meets Rebel – Nothin’ to Lose
  2. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Theme From Andrex
  3. Cam McCaul: Skid Row – Monkey Business
  4. Kyle Strait: Pat Benatar – Hell is For Children
  5. John Cowan: Dilated Peoples – You Can’t Hide, You Can’t Run
  6. John Cowan: Dilated Peoples – You Can’t Hide, You Can’t Run
  7. Cam Zink: Jedi Mind Tricks – Gorillas
  8. Wade Simmons: Phontaine – The Golden Banjo
  9. Jeff Lenosky: The Sounds – Ego (Alan Moulder UK Mix)
  10. Cedric Gracia / Brian Lopes: Rob Zombie – The Scorpion Sleeps
  11. Darren Berrecloth: Swollen Members ft. Evidence – Dark Clouds
  12. Richard I Thomas – Sulianahmli 3
  13. Aaron Chase: Scorpions – Rock You Like a Hurricane
  14. Richie Schley / Kurt Sorge: Sweatshop Union – Something To Lose
  15. Kurt Voreis / Carlin Dunne: Danko Jones – Baby Hates Me
  16. Wayne Goss: Wolfmother – Woman
  17. Andreu Lacondeguy / Lluis Lacondeguy: Marylin Manson – Disposable Teens
  18. Robbie Bourdon: Avenged Sevenfold – Bat Country
  19. Too Rude – Not Today
  20. Buckcherry – Out of Line
  21. Billy Talent – Devil in a Midnight Mass
  22. Royalistick – Como Uma Estrela


2nd Last Chance

It’s all about having fun; whether it’s elbows out World Cup racing, or roosting your local trails. Every rider knows that feeling once you swing your leg over your bike.
2nd Last Chance follows closely the different elements of mountain biking, from World Cup racing, right back to the simplicity of just riding bikes for fun.

Riders: Cedric Gracia, Dan Atherton, Gee Atherton, Greg Minnar, Nathan Rennie and Neil Donohue.


Marosana Never Dies 2

MTB Movie from Czech Republic.


Ladder Bridges by RushHD

Digger (aka Todd Fiander), “I think probably I started building the first trail in (19)84“. The birth place of the North Shore Style … those who made it tell their tales. From the start of the first few trails in Vancouver BC Canada, to having them torn down, to rebuilding them again, to world-wide imitation and recognition. An extremely well filmed effort with an incredible story that has everything for anyone who calls themselves a mountain biker.

Favourite quote: “Biking skills or hospital bills.” Digger.

Essential interviews: Jacob Heilbron (founder/owner Kona Bikes), Todd “Digger” Fiander, Chaz Romalis (founder/owner Cove Bike Shop), Wade Simmons, John and Dan Sedlacek (founders/owners On The Top Bike Shop), Dave Watson, Richie Schley, Thomas Vanderham, Dan Cowan (aka Dangerous Dan, trail builder/rider), Ben Boyko (rider/trail builder), Darren Berrecloth, Riley Macintosh (trail builder for Wade Simmons ultimate North Shore build).

Riders: Ben Boyko, Blaise Beckford, Cam McCaul, Cameron Zink, Carys Evans, Cody Swansborough, Dan Cowan, Darren Berrecloth, Dave Watson, Geoff Gulevich, Jerry Willows, Joe Swartz, Johnny Smoke, Kim Steed, Kyle Straight, Richie Schely, Robbie Bourdon, Sam Brown, Thomas Vanderham, Tyler Klassen and Wade Simmons


Earthed 4 – Death or Glory by Dirt Magazine

Earthed 4: Death or Glory is the latest from UK Producer Alex Rankin. The focus here is World Cup downhill racing, and no one covers it better.

Riders: Ben Reid, Brendan Fairclough, Cedric Gracia, Chris Akrigg, Chris Kovarik, Dan Atherton, Kieran Bennet, Markolf Berchtold, Nico Vink and Ralph Jones.


  1. Bauhaus – The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
  2. X-Ray Spex – Identity
  3. The Trio – Da Da Da I Don’t Love You You Don’t Love Me Aha Ah
  4. Hawkwind – Motorhead
  5. The Who – I Can’t Explain
  6. Three Dog Night – Shambala
  7. Clinic – If You Could Read Your Mind
  8. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – You Have Been Disconnected
  9. The Fall – What About Us
  10. Too Short – Blow the Whistle
  11. Archie Bronson Outfit – Kink
  12. Fang – The Money Will Roll Right In
  13. The Black Angels – The First Vietnamese War
  14. Atari Teenage Riot – You Can’t Hold Us Back (Instrumental)
  15. Archie Bronson Outfit – Cherry Lips
  16. Missing Brazilians – Meander
  17. Television – See No Evil
  18. Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
  19. The Dandy Warhols – Hard-on for Jesus
  20. The Black Keys – Grown So Ugly
  21. Stereolab – The Noise of Carpet (US Single)
  22. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Malela
  23. Primal Scream – Skull X
  24. Magazine – The Light Pours Out of Me
  25. Credits: Girls Scottish Choir – Major Tom (cover)


Crankworx Freeride MTB Festival by Kokanee

Kokanee Crankworx Freeride Mountain Bike Festival 2006

Riders: Thomas Vanderham, Paul Bas, Cam Mc Caul, Kyle Stratt, Brian Lopes, Cedric Gracia, Bryn Atkinson, Andrew Mitchell, Rando Canbera.


Drift III by Black Phoenix Films

Bryn Atkinson, Nathan Rennie and Sam Hill each talk candidly about what it takes to be at the top of the sport and through their riding they demonstrate exactly how to do it. The film includes pro training sessions around Australia and opens up the very best of the Australian National Series. Drift 3 will take you on to the World Cup Circuit where you will see Sam Hill come back from injury to win a World Cup Round by over 6 seconds, as well as Bryn Atkinson and Nathan Rennie racing for line honours in the Sea Otter Dual Slalom.

Riders: Bryn Atkinson, Nathan Rennie and Sam Hill.


Tough As Hell by Atomlab

The BlkMrkt Bikes team is charging into the future with a flurry of whips, flips, and 3s with an amazing push of aggression and amplitude that has to be witnessed. We rolled with Carter Holland, Adam Hauck, & Phil Sundbaum around the US, Canada, and Europe and captured the carnage. There’s also footage of other Atomlab riders like Joe Perrizo, John Jesme, Nate Adams and many others.

Riders: Adam Hauck, Carter Holland, Joe Perrizo, John Jesme, Nasty Nate, Nate Adams and Phil Sundbaum.


Nine To Five by Gammalight Picture

Gammalight Picture’s latest mountain bike action film, Nine to Five, captures North America’s hardest-working riders both on and off the trials.
When they aren’t hitting the books, framing the house or tuning an engine, these blue-collar boys and gals are punching the clock on gravity in the streets, on the mountain and in the skate park.
Nine to Five uncovers up-and-coming riders from Whistler, Vancouver, Washington State, Santa Cruz, California and Toronto where footage is taken of them riding in their own backyards – whether they are flying over the roof of a Jeep Cherokee or raring up a crowd with a back flip, one foot, x-up at a local dirt jump competition.

Riders: Alex Pro, Alex Reveles, Cam McCaul, Cory Derpack, Garith Dyer, Grant Brashears, Hannah Steffensm, Jamie Goldman, Jeff Harvey, JS Therrien, Kyle McDonald, Mason Mashon, Matt Juhanz, Mike Metzger, Thee Kevin Landry and Yanni Antonakos.



STUND freeride mountain bike episodes. Mike Kinrade, Steve Romaniuk and Tyler Klassen shred accross globe expanding the reach of freeride mountain biking.

Riders: Mike Kinrade, Mike Wilson, Steve Romaniuk, Trent Kidd and Tyler Klassen.


ROAM by The Collective

The Collective, after two years of filming with theWorld s best riders in the most amazing locations is releasing their next film, ROAM. The Collective still ranks as one of the top adventure sports films of all time. ROAM will be an evolution of those skills honed over the past two seasons. ROAM will help create the next standard in mountain bike and adventure sports films.

Riders: Andrew Shandro, Cam McCaul, Darren Berrecloth, Geoff Gulevich, Jordie Lunn, Matt Hunter, Nathan Rennie, Ryan Leech, Ryder Casprick, Steve Peat, Steve Romaniuk, Thomas Vanderham, Tyler Klassen, Tyler Morland and Wade Simmons.


  1. Intro: Burning Spear – We Are Going
  2. Darren Berrecloth / Ryan Berrecloth: RJD2 – Since We Last Spoke
  3. Phontaine – Asia
  4. Boy Sets Fire – Rookie
  5. Ryan Leech: Phontaine – Pleasure and Business
  6. Latch Key Kid – Coming Home Soon
  7. The Beautiful Girls – Morning Sun
  8. Andrew Shandro / Steve Peat: Big Dro and Zinndeadly feat. Mystic – Choose One
  9. Thievery Corporation – Un Simple Historie (A Simple Story)
  10. Slackstring – She’s on a Mission
  11. Rise Against – Everchanging
  12. Credits: Chris Velan – Shiver


Clorophilla by Magmatic Studios

Clorophillia is a movie that has been generated by the passion for bikes and a love of the mountains.

Filmed entirely in Italy the project has been realized by the Opachee Team, a bunch of friends that decided to tell their story about their way of living. The values of freedom, friendship and unity are captured in a magnificent environment that sees mother nature playing the lead role.

Large sacrifices and a lot of hard work combined to produce a film which represents their lifestyle. While acting as photographers, sherpa porters, video editors, camera men, graphic designers, nurses, producers and directors they have conceived, planned and implemented without any professional advice or sponsors to help cover the filming expenses, constructing their own cable-cam, camera crane and dolly systems by utilizing building materials and climbing equipment that the team obtained through their nine to five jobs and even roping in the uncle of one of their friends to pilot a hired small two-seater chopper.

« Clorophillia » is above all and most importantly the dream of six friends becoming reality.

Riders: Andrea Ponzi, Antonio Baccante, Devis Di Massimo, Francesco D’alessio, Giorgio Farttale and Vito Fabellini.


Stripped by Clean Cut Films

STRIPPED is like fresh music from the early 80’s; heavily synthesized and totally tubular. STRIPPED offers something different to mountain bike films; it’s an artistic and creative masterpiece that maintains world class production quality while feeling far too fun to be an ordinary mountain bike film. STRIPPED is the essence of the future. We’re not following a fad; we’re doing something different. We’re kickin’ off the new wave.

Riders: Amos Franke, Danny Brody, Derek Chambers, Garett Buehler, Jared Gatzka, Joe Schwartz, Kurt Sorge, Matt Brooks, Matt Hunter, Mike Hopkins, Mike Kinrade, Mike Metzger, Nick Cima, Shawn Denny and Steve Romaniuk.


Evermore by Reel Picture

World class riders at unique locations in Europe and the Indian Ocean. Extraordinary close up shots and epic landscapes. The sound of nature and the terrain beneath the tyres. The rider and his equipment up close and during the action.The impacts on the rider and his equipment. Get closer to mountain biking than ever before.

Riders: Anne-Caroline Chausson, Claudio Caluori, Daniella Bossard, Greg Minnar, Joscha Forstreuter, Thomas Frischknecht, Timo Pritzel and Trond Hansen.



New World Disorder 6 – Unchained by FreeRide Entertainment

NWD6 features many new riding spots including an unusually long and technical northshore trail, riding in Bolivia, Crankworx amongst a host of other exotic spots. Another important feature of the NWD series is the excelling soundtrack, in NWD6’s case featuring wellknown artists like Public Enemy,Anthrax, Megadeath, Sweatshop Union and Swollen Members just to name a few. The trick repertoire once again increases with new tricks like a 720 and a no foot cancan drop, proving once more that the crew at Freeride Entertainment always come up with something new and intriguing with which to entertain riders and non-riders alike.
Riders: Aaron Chase, Cam McCaul, Cam Zink, Carlin Dunne, Cedric Gracia, Darren Berrecloth, Dave Watson, Geoff Gulevich, Jeff Lenosky, Kirt Voreis, Kyle Strait, Paul Basagotia, Richie Schley, Robbie Bourdon, Thomas Vanderham, Wade Simmons and Wayne Goss.
  1. Darren Berrecloth: Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction
  2. Carlin Dunne: Dio – Holy Diver
  3. Wayne Goss: Von Bondies – C’mon C’mon
  4. Richie Schley / Dave Watson / Wade Simmons: Z-Trip feat Luke Sick – Bury Me Standing
  5. Cam McCaul: Danko Jones – Wait A Minute
  6. Cedric Gracia: Lateef and the Chief – Beautiful You
  7. Cam Zink / Kyle Strait: Sweatshop Union – Cut Back
  8. Geoff Gulevich: Jane’s Addiction – Stop
  9. Thomas Vanderham / Kirt Voreis: Tru-Paz – Rude Boy
  10. Aaron Chase: Anthrax/Public Enemy – Bring The Noise
  11. Jeff Lenosky: Swollen Members – Too Hot
  12. Robbie Bourdon: Sweatshop Union – Try
  13. Paul Basagotia: Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
  14. Credits: Burlap – Easy Ride

The Barbique by Yuck Fou Productions

Riders: Anton Gustavson, Cim Cison, Daniel Hornqvist, Erik Kallstrom, Herman Olund, Jan Holma, Jimmy Fors, Johan Engstrom, Robin Waller, Simon Cederlid, Simon Dannoff and Sophie Dalsang.



Discover how far riding has evolved. Group rides emerge the east to west coast with sessions in cities Quebec, Burlington, Hamilton, Port Moody and Vancouver with world-class trails riders Mike Bentham, Stevie Dickin, Trevor Bodogh and others. Hit up the west coast scene in Whistler with Matt Nielson and first ever ” road bike” trails expert Yanni. Local Kamloops pro Matt Brooks slams out DH airtime in his backyard canyon. Head east for for the local urban scene in Halifax with rider John “smokey” Campbell. Also featuring Bash @ the Beach Toronto and Montreal Madness. Get inside the underground scene of amazing riders and friends linked by one common thread, the passion for riding. Insightful commentary by Kranked producer Christian Begin on the evolution of mountainbiking in the last 15 years. A sweet flowing soundtrack, beautiful scenery and a fresh approach to bike films, METHOD is a tribute to the classy riders who show their dediction to the ART OF BIKING. Bonus material included.

Riders: Adam Myers, Alex Lee, Carsinn Willson, Chris Stevenson, Cody McMillan, Cory Mood, David Chano, David Lebrun, Dennis Goj, Dylan McRae, Elliot Verreault, Hugo Bourque, Jason Letourneau, Joe Hendriks, Jordan Masse, Justin Lee, Matt Brooks John Campbel, Matt Nelson, Matt Venhulsen, Mike Bethham, Romun Rebellon, Sebastien Velleneuce, Steve Dickin, Tom Melanson and Trevor Bodogh.


For the People

A complete departure from the norm. just like trails, street and park riding pushes new limits for biking, For The People redefines how you see them. Sit back. get Pumped. go ride your bike!

Riders: Alex Leonard, Craig Robinson, David Chano and Sean Brown.


Counterparts by DH Productions

Straight out of the camera of director Aaron Chase and directly to your DVD player, DH Productions is proud to present Counterparts. Counterparts the DVD strikes at the core of the soul of DH Productions and much like AC himself, it is raw, gritty and in your face with the most progressive riding ever to be captured on digital video. Over two years in the making, Counterparts is Aaron’s follow up to the enormously popular Killing Time DVD. Within the same style, follow AC’s day-to-day activities as he circumnavigates the globe, hanging with the bros and shredding with whomever and wherever.

Riders: Aaron Chase, Cam McCaul, Cameron Zink, Cedric Gracia, Darren Berrecloth, Eric Porter, Jeff Lenosky, John Cowan, John Jesme, Kirt Voreis, Kyle Strait, Nathan Rennie, Paul Basagoitia and Ryder Kasprick.


Genesis by Milkmana

From the beginning of the Drop In Tour of 2003 there was a plan in place to do a movie. We couldnt shoot 10 15 hours of footage per episode without using more than the 24 minutes needed for the show. We needed to give the fans of Drop In, who didnt like the lifestyle aspects of it, something that hit hard. We gave Milkman the go ahead to start work collecting his favorite shots for the movie that would cater to the more hardcore within the Mountain Bike industry. He wanted to call it Genesis.

Riders: Chris Donahue, Chris Glew, Dan Covan, Darren Berrecloth, Dylan Tremblay, Jared Jespersen, Ryan Leech, Steve Romaniuk and Tyler Klassen.


Halfway to Nowhere by MTB Films

Featuring progressive new riding from a host of the sport’s top names, Halfway includes segments such as new-school style riding in the woods of BC, unbelievable alpine singletrack in Switzerland, and an inside look at the world of freeride contests at the Monster Park slopestyle in Michigan. Professionally filmed and edited, to an excellent soundtrack, Ted Tempany and Warwick Patterson have put together one of the year’s best films.

Locations include: Switzerland, British Columbia, California, England, Germany, Utah, Idaho, Michigan, etc.

Riders: Aaron Chase, Aaron Kempf, Chad Onyschuk, Jeff Lenosky, John Cowan, Kirt Voreis, Mike Kinrade and Timo Pritzel.


  1. Dosh – Steve the cat
  2. Phontaine – Pleasure and business
  3. Corb Lund Band – Roughest neck around
  4. Swingin Utters – Five lessons learned
  5. Frostbitten Grass – Hummingbird
  6. Sweatshop Union – Up from the ground
  7. People Under The Stairs – Take the fruit
  8. Styles Of Beyond – Be your dog
  9. Dallas – Beat the psycho boys
  10. The Rebel Spell – Drain
  11. The Rebel Spell – I see fire
  12. Schwab – Little beats


Adidas SlopStyle

Adidas Slopestyle 2005


Earthed 3 – Europa by Dirt Magazine

Back for another round of the finest Mountain Bike scuffles, Earthed 3 comes home to its own back yard and the playground of the gods. From the mighty Alps, which play host to the most challenging races and terrain, to the slippery woods and windswept mountains of the UK. Earthed 3 has captured riders and locations that you’ve not seen on film before, shaking up your world – all in the name of EUROPA.

Riders: Ben Reid, Chris Akrigg, Dan Atherton, Fabien Barel, Gee Atherton and Nico Vink.


  1. Intro: Pendulum vs. Fresh ft. Spyda & Tenor Fly – Tarantula
  2. The Adverts – One Chord Wonders
  3. Manfred Mann – Blinded By The Light
  4. The Small Faces – Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake
  5. Arctic Monkeys – Still Take You Home
  6. The Small Faces – Wham Bam Thank You Mam
  7. Hawkwind – Orgone Accumulator
  8. Chemical Brothers – Elektrobank
  9. The Pretenders – The Wait
  10. Nico Vink: Dead Kennedys – Police Truck
  11. Ari-Up – Allergic
  12. Fun Boy Three ft. Bananarama – It Ain’t What You Do
  13. Chris Akrigg: The Prodigy – Spitfire
  14. The Amps – Tipp City
  15. The Stranglers – Get a Grip on Yourself
  16. Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
  17. Fabien Barel: The Stone Roses – Begging You
  18. The Fall – I Can Hear the Grass Grow
  19. The Fall – Stephen Song
  20. Stereolab – Cybele’s Reverie


CRUX by Ryan Leech

CRUX defined: A particular point of difficulty. This singular word describes the riding formula in the film. Each and every line that the featured athletes, Ryan Leech, Dylan Korba and Thomas Ohler ride has a CRUX. These three riders, aggressively pursuing Leech’s Manifesto style, execute mind-bending feats of bike mastery. Combining sheer difficultly with an elegant and creative style, CRUX is a film that redefines technical riding standards.

Riders: Dylan Korba, Ryan Leech and Thomas Ohler.


Back in the Saddle by Vas Ent.

From Vancouver, B.C., to California, this Wild West cycling journey provides a hair-raising look at what mountain biking is all about. Featuring the sickest tricks, the most electrifying stunts and a killer soundtrack, Back in the Saddle Again shows world-class riders.

Riders: Aaron Peters, Bret Tippie, Corey Leclerc, Darren Berreclothe, Gareth Dyer, Randy Spangler, Richie Schley, Thomas Vanderhamm and Wade Simmons.


Anti Gravity 2 by Reflex Films

Anti Gravity 2 is packed with awesome riding from the biggest international events like the adidas slopestyle freeride comp and the downhill world cup. Top british riders battle it out in the national DH series and Steve Peat shows the planet’s fastest bikers who’s boss at fort william.

Riders: Cedric Gracia, Chris Smith, Danny Holroyd, Fabien Barel, Garry Penman and Rich Jones.


The Collective by The Collective

The Collective is a group of filmmakers, photographers and mountain bikers. By drawing on the experience, expertise and creative energy of every member of the team, The Collective has created a film that portrays the newest, cutting edge images of the freeride progression while exploring the thoughts and personalities of the riders leading that progression.
We believe that a collective approach to producing this film has resulted in an end product that fully reflects the depth of the sport and those who are pushing its boundaries. With that in mind, we present the 16mm mountain bike film, The Collective.

Riders: Andrew Shandro, Darren Berrecloth, Dave Watson, Geoff Gulevich, Jordie Lunn, Matt Hunter, Ryan Leech, Thomas Vanderham, Tyler Klassen, Tyler Morland and Wade Simmons.


  1. Intro: Terry Oldfield – Voices in the Wind
  2. Slackstring – Lend me Your Love
  3. Thomas Vanderham: Zion I – Trippin’
  4. Slackstring – Candle
  5. The John Butler Trio – Earthbound Child
  6. Ryan Leech: Thunderball – Domino
  7. Tyler Moreland: Phontaine – Break to the Future
  8. Sweatshop Union – Thing About It
  9. Matt Hunter: Rise Against – Like the Angel
  10. Steve Romaniuk: Rise Against – Torches
  11. DJ Marlin – Track 16
  12. DJ Marlin – Track 2
  13. Slackstring – Sunday Jen
  14. Wade Simmons: Quantic – Life in the Rain
  15. Credits: Pepper – Stone Love

Monkey Style 2 by Milkmana

Monkey Style 2 takes it back to where it began for all of us…on the streets riding for fun and freedom. This video does NOT contain full suspension bikes, no 9″ travel. These riders use hardtail bikes, athletic ability, and a ton of style to move the crowd. Driven by the influences of BMX, trials, freeriding and all other things on two wheels.

Riders: Chris Donahue, Dylan Tremblay, Josh Stratt, Julien Meunier, Nigel Quarless and Ryan Leech.


  1. The Shins – Caring is creepy
  2. White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
  3. Punktuality – Intromental
  4. Zion 1 – Mind Blow
  5. Kid Loco – Relaxin with Cherry
  6. DJ Shadow – Blood on the Motorway
  7. Iron Maiden – Aces High
  8. AFI – Art of Drawing
  9. The London Philharmonia – Aristry Entertainment



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