DVD’s 2004 – 2003

  • 2004
  1. DownHill Speed by Ryan Cleek
  2. New World Disorder 5 – Disorderly Conduct by FreeRide Ent.
  3. Fundamentals by Dirt Magazine
  4. Issue 6 by Match Videozine
  5. Earthed 2 by Dirt Magazine
  6. RedBull Bike Battle by RedBull
  7. Suspect by Ryan Gibb
  8. Issue 5 by Match Videozine
  9. North Shore by Todd Fiander
  10. ReUnion
  11. Drift 2: A New Race by Black Phoenix Films
  • 2003
  1. Highways by Neil Sanders
  2. New World Disorder 4 – Ride the Lightning by FreeRide Ent.
  3. Higher Learning by KONA
  4. Pedalfiles by PB Pictures
  5. Self Titled by MPF Productions
  6. Killing time by DH Productions
  7. Jindabyne 2003 by Red Bull
  8. The Second Espectacle by Clay Porter
  9. Earthed 1 by Dirt Magazine
  10. Manifesto by Ryan Leech
  11. Return of the Zeros by Jeremy Levin
  12. Eastside Freeride by B40 Productions
  13. The Plush 2 by Thor Wixom
  14. JIB 2 by Thor Wixom


DownHill Speed by Ryan Cleek

“Downhill Speed” reveals three professional downhill mountain bike racers at home, training and at play, while shadowing them through the ups and downs of a race season. The action begins with the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, followed by the Southern California NORBA National at Snow Summit, and finally the Grouse Mountain World Cup in Vancouver, British Columbia. “DHS” gets under the helmets and goes deep into what drives these racers, each coming from different walks of life, but with one underlying passion-racing mountain bikes.

Riders: Eric Carter, Johnny Waddell and Orlando Martinez.


New World Disorder 5 – Disorderly Conduct by FreeRide Ent.

The epic freeride mountain bike saga continues with NWD 5 – Disorderly Conduct. The BIG DAWGS at Freeride Entertainment are back with the all-killer-no-filler follow up to the award winning Ride the Lightning.

“NWD 5 – Disorderly Conduct” features a fresh crop of new young rippers. Strap in and hold on for: the continuing evolution of the sport with Monster Park and Crankworx slopestyle competitions, more BC stunt riding than you can throw a stick at, and the huge air time and big booters that we’ve become renowned for. Journey to New Zealand, Australia, Whistler, Monster Park, Europe, Alaska, BC, and Utah. The Freeride crew has traveled all over the globe again with the sickest riders to bring it home.

Riders: Aaron Chase, Cameron Zink, Carlin Dunne, Cedric Gracia, Darren Berrecloth, Dave Watson, Gareth Dyer, Grant Aleen, Jeff Lenosky, Joe Schwartz, John Cowan, Kirt Voeis, Kyle Strait, Matt Hunter, Nathan Rennie, Paul Basagoitia, Richie Schley, Robbie Bourdon, Steve Peat, Thomas Vanderham, Wade Simmons and Wayne Goss.


  1. Intro : BC/DC – Jailbreak
  2. Cedric Gracia: Mash Out Posse – Ground Zero
  3. Thomas Vanderham: Grits – Ooh Aah
  4. Aaron Chase: Son Doobie – U Wit That
  5. Carlin Dunne: Monster Magnet – Slut Machine
  6. Swollen Members – Watch This
  7. Wade Simmons: Clutch – The Mob Goes Wild
  8. Steve Peat / Nathan Rennie: Damageplan – Pride
  9. John Cowan / Kirt Voreis: Hed (pe) – Get Away
  10. Gareth Dyer: Sweatshop Union – Radio Edit
  11. Ritchie Schley / Matt Hunter: Spiderbait – Put It Down
  12. Dave Watson: Hill Top Hoods – The Sentinel
  13. Darren Berrecloth: Monster Magnet – Radiation Day
  14. Credits: Eagles of Death Metal – Miss Alissa


Fundamentals by Dirt Magazine

The all-new mountainbike how-to video from the creators of the unparalleled Earthed video and world-renowned Dirt magazine. Produced and directed by Alex Rankin Filmed all around the world, Fundamentals features inside info and unveils the secrets behind how the pros ride so fast, with expert advice and tips from the fastest riders on the planet including Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie, Greg Minnaar and Eric Carter among many others. It will enable you to grasp and improve on the fundamentals of riding, be it on an aggressive XC loop, DH race track or anything in between. Fundamentals also teaches you how to set up your bike to squeeze the best out of it, from suspension to brakes, gears, cranks and more with the two of the finest mountain bike mechanics out there. Backed up with a killer soundtrack and footage from international races and the trails, Fundamentals is for all mountain bike riders from beginner to expert. You will learn how to set up your bike perfectly and hone your riding skills to a fine art. So unless you’re already riding elbow-to-elbow with Steve Peat and friends, this really is a must-have mountainbike video…

Riders: Eric Carter, Greg Minnaar, Nathan Rennie and Steve Peat


Issue 6 by Match Videozine

-Revolution (Mixed Segment)
-Calgary Scene Report
-Craig Robinson Interview
-How To Wallride with Hacksaw Jim Severt
-Deity Industry Profile
-Asheville Urban Decay
-Giant STP Bike Test
-Rye Airfield Big Wheels 2004
-Aaron Chase!
-East Coast Roadtrip (Joe Prisel, Chris Donahue, Nigel Quarless, Mike Gooch, Chris Clark and Hacksaw Jim Severt)

Riders: Aaron Chase, Chris Clark, Chris Donahue, Craig Robinson, Hacksaw Jim Severt, Joe Prisel, Mike Gooch and Nigel Quarless.


Earthed 2 by Dirt Magazine

Following hot on the heels of the award-winning Earthed video comes its sequel, Earthed 2 Never Enough Dirt, filmed and produced by Alex Rankin. Earthed 2: Never Enough Dirt was filmed all over the world to capture the planets fastest riders ripping up the best riding spots available. We traveled all over Europe, the USA and Canada riding backyard trails, gnarly singletrack, North Shore facilities and mountainous downhill tracks. Blowing out berms, launching huge transfers, and hitting fast sections this is bicycles and dirt at its finest! Earthed 2 also follows the World Cup Downhill race scene, NORBA races and the 2004 World Championships from Les Gets, along with the finest races Europe has to offer with unparalleled coverage from start gate to finish line, behind the scenes in the pits and at the bar during the after-parties. Downhill mountain bike races, 4-cross races and BMX racing all on this new video! Earthed 2 will make you want to go ride and ride hard.

Riders: Andrew Neethling, Ben Reid, Bryn Atkinson, Dave Wardell, Greg Minnaar, Mathieu Laurin, Mick Hannah, Nathan Rennie, Neil Donoghue, Richard Cunynghame and Sam Hill.


  1. Intro : Prefuse 73 – The End of Biters-International
  2. Buzzocks – Boredom
  3. Clinic – Cement Mixer
  4. These One ft. Double K – Rhymin With the Bonz
  5. Joy Division – Digital
  6. Inspiral Carpets – I Want You
  7. The Saints – I’m Stranded
  8. Garnet Mimms – As Long As I Have You
  9. Alternative TV – Why Don’t You Do Me Right?
  10. The Cure – A Forest (Acoustic Version)
  11. Two Lone Swordsmen – Brootle
  12. The Sonics – Psycho
  13. Electrelane – Spartaklade
  14. Human League – Being Boiled
  15. Two Lone Swordsmen – Damp
  16. D.O.S.E + Mark E Smith – Plug Myself In
  17. Love – Laughing Stock
  18. Mr & Mrs – Gown of Green
  19. Roots Manuva – Join the Dots
  20. New York Dolls – Personality Crisis
  21. Two Lone Swordsmen – Sex Beat
  22. Electrelane – Le Song
  23. Eric B & Rakim – Follow The Leader
  24. Aerogramme – Shouting for Joey
  25. Masta Killa ft. Ol’ Dirty Bastard & RZA – Old Man
  26. Skinny Man – I’ll Be Surprised
  27. The Damned – I Feel Alright
  28. Sweet – Ballroom Blitz
  29. UNKLE vs DJ Shadow – Rock On (Hombas Mix)
  30. Two Lone Swordsmen – The Lurch
  31. Credits: Todd Snider – Conservative Christian, Right Wing, Republican, Straight, White, American


RedBull Bike Battle by RedBull

The 2003 Red Bull Bike Battle was the Super Bowl of urban free-ride competitions. 32 of worlds best street, dirt jump and trials riders converged on Bostons City Hall Plaza to battle head-to-head until there was one rider left standing. Follow the entire competition round by round and trick by trick. With seven cameras rolling, the DH Productions crew will put you in the front row for the most progressive and innovative contest that the mountain biking world has ever experienced. The streets of Boston have not witnessed a battle this intense since the American Revolution!

Riders: Aaron Chase, Chris Akrigg, Chris Donahue, Dave Smutok, Eddie Tongue, Eric Porter, Jaromir Spensy, Jim DeChamp, Jim Severt, JJ Gregorowicz, Kyle Ebbett, Petr Craus and Ryan Senechal.


Suspect by Ryan Gibb

This innovative 16mm mountain bike video by Ryan Gibb features fresh and original riding including big air, huge hip gaps, progressive dirt jumping and 40′ step-ups integrated with first-rate cinematography and a sweet soundtrack. Starring Klassen, Duncan, Morell, Hunter, Wilson, Proznick and others.

Riders: Tyler Klassen


Issue 5 by Match Videozine

-Revolution (Mixed Segment)
-Seattle Scene Report
-RED BULL Bike Battle
-Eric Porter Interview
-Myopic “Back to the Forest”
-Rennen: Industry Profile
-Pittsburgh Roadtrip (Jeff Lenosky, Ryan Senechal, Mike Gooch, Mike Headford, Tony Osusky,
Jim Dellavalle, Kyle Ebbett, George Ryan)

Riders: Eric Porter, George Ryan, Jeff Lenosky, Jim Dellavalle, Kyle Ebbett, Mike Gooch, Mike Headford, Ryan Senechal and Tony Osusky.


North Shore by Todd Fiander

Todd ‘Digger’ Fiander delivers another installment of hard edged, off the meter EXTREME Mountain Biking Action! Considered his best yet, Digger does it again with pulse pounding, heart exploding action backed with an exciting original soundtrack.

Riders: Steve Popma, Jerry Willows, Tyler Klassen, Wade Simmons, Thomas Vanderham, Cedric Gracia, Danny Brody, Fraser Vaage, Trevor Hansen, Dan Cowan, Jay Morrisey, Ryan Newman, Geoff Gulevich, Ross Measures, Chris Donahue, Jared Gatzka, Kyle Strait, Todd Lewis, Evan Holmgren, Kurt Voreis, Brian Lopes, Mike Laudrum, Ryan Hayes, Andrew Cho, Colin Miller, Eamonn Duignan, Matt Brooks, Timo Pritzel and more.



Join the ride with an electric Union of riders from around the globe featuring the usual masters and highlighting international riders on their home turf. Freeride in the French and Utah deserts, race the UCI downhill in Scotland, dirt jump in England and ride the streets of New York City, Italy and Germany.

Riders: Cedric Gracia, Dylan Tremblay, Richie Schley, Robbie Bourdon, Aaron Chase, Shaums March, Chris Duncan and many more.


Drift 2: A New Race by Black Phoenix Films

A New Race picks up right where the original installment left off. This video features most of the Aussie Pros in their pre-season warm ups, focusing on their home tracks and secret spots whilst also uncovering some new talent along the East Coast.

Riders: Nathan Rennie, Chris Kovarik, Sam Hill, Dave McLaughlin, John Waddell, Sean McCarroll, Mike Hannah, Luke Madill, Timo Pritzel, Steve Peat and more.



Highways by Neil Sanders

Highways is the 2003 release from from Neil Sanders, the director and producer of the Superheros mountain bike videos. Highways starts off with the Red Bull Freeze Ride in Montana and continues down the West Coast hitting California, Nevada, Arizona, and ends after the Sea Otter. Gathering the sport’s top riders Randy Spangler, Cory Derpak, Cameron Zink, Darren Miller, Caile Noble, Eric Porter, Gareth Dyer, Kyle Strait, Aaron Peters, Darren Berrecloth, Chris Duncan, Robbie Bourdon and Aaron Hodgkin. This video has it all – dirt jumping, street, racing, freeriding and skate park.

Riders: Aaron Hodgkin, Aaron Peters, Caile Noble, Cameron Zink, Chris Duncan, Cory Kerpak, Darren Berrecloth, Darren Miller, Eric Porter, Gareth Dyer, Kyle Strait, Randy Spangler and Robbie Bourdon.


New World Disorder 4 – Ride the Lightning by FreeRide Ent.

2003 - nwd4

Freeride Entertainmet – the creators of NWD, NWD2 and NWD3 continue their domination of all mtb films with the shocking new chapter in the disorder series.

“Ride the Lightning” pushes the progression of riding beyond the edge. Super charged with electrifying 360 cliff drops, Tour de France road gaps, and high voltage DH action. Shot in 35 & 16mm in the world’s finest mountain bike destinations.

Riders: Aaron Chase, Cedric Gracia, Darrren Berrecloth, Dave Watson, Jeff Lenowsky, Joe Schwartz, John Cowan, Josh Bender, Richie Schley and Robbie Bourdon.


  1. Intro: BC/DC – For Those About to Ride
  2. Darren Berrecloth: Saliva – Superstar 2
  3. Cedric Gracia: Quarashi – Stick em up
  4. Robbie Bourdon: Cinder – Soul Creation
  5. Jeff Lenowsky / Aaron Chase: Zion I – Mind Blow
  6. Richie Schley: Hypnogaya – This goes on
  7. Joe Schwartz: Illegal Substance – Feelin Alright
  8. John Cowan: Hed (pe) – Blackout
  9. Anthrax – Cadillac Rock Box
  10. Jaya the Cat – The Battle Left Me
  11. GOB – I’ve been up the steps
  12. Gang Starr – Skills
  13. Slightly Stupid – World goes Round
  14. Hed (pe) – Dangerous
  15. Shocore – Right On


Higher Learning by KONA

A Dirt Jump How-To

Rider:  John Cowan


Pedalfiles by PB Pictures

The original badass movie with 30 minutes of never before seen footage featuring the 2003 Metro Jam BMX Contest, Best of P&B, Plus your favorite honchos like you never seen them before…
Warning:this film contains tits, fire, fights, and bikes.

Riders: Barb Haley, Cedric Gracia, Cody Begon, Cory Leclercm, Dave Watson, Kevin Sansalone, Mad Mike Jones, Preston Blackie, Steve Peat, Van Homan and Wade Simmons.


Self Titled by MPF Productions

MPF’s 4th creation, and sequel to Hidden Pleasures, Second Coming, and Riders Anonymous. Brought down by the heavens of Nelson, BC. This year the crew is larger, diverse, and bringing a whole new feeling to the way a mountain bike movie is made. When you watch a movie, you want it to make you want to ride and get that feeling of being on your bike, (and of course rip some gnarly sh*t) MPF is here to please and won’t disapoint! Locations include Vancouver Island, Van City, Seattle, Kamloops, Jasper, Lethbridge, Nelson, Rossland, Spokane, Invermere, and Calgary.

Riders: Brian Eller, Byron Grey, Darryl Steane, Derek Chambers, Dylan Trembay, Geoff Gulevich, Jared Gatzka, Jared Jesperson, Matt Brooks, Mike Kinrade, Pat Williams and Steve Romaniuk.


Killing time by DH Productions

Travel along with the good old boys of urban MTB and see what it is like outside of the pro race circuit and inside the back alleys. All stereotypes and expectations are dropped when you see over seven years of footage brought to you by urban MTB shredder/director, Aaron Chase. So, peer into the past and take a seat to watch the progression unfold. “flips, whips, rails, and bails”

Riders: Aaron Chase, Eric Porter, Jeff Lenosky, Jim DeChamp, Kyle Ebbett, Kyle Straight and Shaums March.


Jindabyne 2003 by Red Bull

Some of the most EXTREME riding found anywhere in the world today.
Insane air & incredible stunts you won’t see anywhere else. An in-your-face, technical, steep, non-stop run that mixes up natural unforgiving, rough, rocky terrain in the Snowy Mountains region of Australia along with man made stunts including a 43 foot, step down gap, wall ride, the world’s first «Sledsaw,» a 27 foot drop, table grinds and heaps more in the epic mountain bike video.
After an awesome 2002 event which saw an invited list of 25 riders from 9 countries, to one very seriously technical and in-your-face course, the search for a hand full of the world’s leading riders from all corners of the world is on again.
The Red Bull Ride 2003 took place between the 19 – 24 January in Jindabyne, Australia.

Riders: Ben Corey, Cedric Gracia, Clinton Williams, Danny Mills, Darren Barrecloth, Dave McLaughlin, David Watson, Gareth Dyer, Grant Allen, Jared Rando, John Waddell, Justin Havukainen, Kylie Strait, Nathan Rennie, Richie Schley, Robbie Bourdon, Sam Hill, Sean McCarroll, Shane Wode, Shaums March, Steve Marsh, Steve Peat, Stijn Deferm, Tetsuhiro Hanyu, Thomas Vanderham, Timo Pritzel and Tyler Klassen.


The Second Espectacle by Clay Porter

Relive the 2003 U.S. National Downhill and Mountain Cross race seasons as Distinction Productions takes you through the National Championship Series. Awe in the amazing skill and finesse of the top pros from the start at the Sea Otter all the way to the NCS Finals in Durango, CO. See up and coming talent in the Junior ranks in the form of Cody Warren and Cory Gustafson. Witness a hidden talent pool in Northern California’s best expert and semi-pro riders. See Pro Mountain Cross National Champion Jill Kintner’s amazing bike control and finesse. Experience the amazing culture and riders that make up the U.S. National Series.

Riders: Cody Warren, Cory Gustafson and Jill Kintner.


Earthed 1 by Dirt Magazine

From the Creators of Dirt magazine comes hte film that the dirt biking world has been waiting for, the first ever Dirt Video, Earthed. It features over an hour of the finest bike riding imaginable, including the world’s best riders, the best locations from around the globe, mind blowing action and it is all tied together with a soundtrack that will leave you screaming for more. Thirty minutes of bonus footage and DVD extras means you have the Joker as well as the Ace of Spades.

Riders: Alex Dick and Nathan Rennie.


  1. The Sonics – Psycho
  2. Willard Grant Conspiracy – Go Jimmy Go
  3. Killing Joke – Bloodsport
  4. Johnathan Richmond & the Modern Lovers – She Cracked
  5. The Damned – New Rose
  6. The Toes – Chrome Radio Rocks
  7. The Brave New World – The Train Kept A Rollin’
  8. Alarming Frequency – Steady
  9. Led Zeppelin – Communication Breakdown
  10. Big Bill Broonzy – How You Want It Done
  11. T-Rex – Hot Love (US Version)
  12. AC/DC – Back in Black
  13. Greyboy – Instantly (Remix)
  14. T-Rex – Solid Gold Easy Action
  15. Devo – Through Being Cool
  16. Motorhead – Bomber
  17. The Who – The Seeker
  18. Mekon – Mr Sophistication
  19. The Damned – Neat, Neat, Neat
  20. Handsome Boy Modelling School – Holy Calamity
  21. The Fall – 2×4
  22. Cymande – Fug
  23. Fi Skills & Krafty Kuts – Simple Things
  24. The Skids – Into the Valley
  25. ODB – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
  26. Electrelane – Film Music
  27. Gang of Four – I Found That Essence Rare
  28. Dynamo Productions – Showtime
  29. Rezillos – Top of the Pops
  30. The Skids – Night and Day
  31. Wire – Ex Lion Tamer
  32. T-Rex – I Love to Boogie
  33. Sparklehorse – Happy Man/Pig


Manifesto by Ryan Leech

Incredible Canadian pro rider Ryan Leech’s new video. His manifesto: “Eliminate all set-up and recovery hops from trials” The Manifesto: “Eliminate all set up and recovery hops from trials riding.” In the ceaseless quest for more riding style, Ryan Leech unleashes “The Manifesto”. A seemingly simple idea, though unheard of before now, the manifesto will redefine the sport for trials riders worldwide! Trials has always been about finesse, control, and precision, and now, the manifesto style brings effortless fluid elegance. Let the revolution begin!

Riders: Ryan Leech.


  1. Guns ‘n’ Wankers – Skin Deep
  2. Faithless – Drifting Away
  3. Apocalyptica – Drive
  4. Dj Hufe – Blow ‘em Out
  5. Nina Simone – Sinnerman
  6. Roots Manuva – Clockwork
  7. Mason Williams – Classical Gas


Return of the Zeros by Jeremy Levin

Riders: Ryan Leech, Ryan Hayes, Brent Anderson, Nigel Quarless, Preston Blackie, Eric Porter, Aaron Chase, Ryan Senechal, Bicycle Rockets, Kyle Ebbet, Jordie Lunn, Geoff Gullevich, Chris Donahue, Evan Holmgren, Andrew Cho, Kyle Scully, Brian Onifrichuk, Ryan Newman, Clare Buchar, Connor MacLeod, Ryder Kasprick, Ross Measures, Keith Howitt, …


Eastside Freeride by B40 Productions

Filmed completely in Eastern Canada, Quebec and Ontario, this is freeriding at its best. A great mix of urban, DJ, DH riding and racing, combined with some of the sickest established underground riding talent, Eastside Freeride “The Movie” will have you hitting the pause and rewind button to see how it is all done.

Riders: Aaron Chase, Cedric Gracia, Craig Robinson, David Chano, Eric Fortin, Guillaume Bellefeuille, Jean Rouleau, Martin Roy, Sam Hill, Shaun Brown and Stephane Mailhot.


The Plush 2 by Thor Wixom

Riders: Cameron McCaul, Aaron Chase, Shaums March, Duncan Riffle, Kyle Strait and Kirt Voreis.


JIB 2 by Thor Wixom

THe Lizard Skins Jib 2 DVD is a street and urban video that picks up where the original Jib left off featuring footage of internationally known riders in a variety of urban locations.
Includes footage of internationally known riders, as well as footage of local riders that Thor Wixom invited to shoot with him
Major locations include Baltimore, Washington D.C., Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Santa Cruz, Toronto, Louisville, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, and Calgary



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