DVD’s 2002 – 2001

  • 2002
  1. New World Disorder 3 – Freewheel Burning by FreeRide Entertainment
  2. Sprung 5
  3. Union
  4. Third Down
  5. Superheroes 3 – Neil Sanders
  6. JIB – Thor Wixom
  • 2001
  1. New World Disorder 2 – Fat Tire Fury by FreeRide Entertainment
  2. Superheros 2 by Neil Sanders
  3. Alpha Project by 164 Productions
  4. ChainSmoke 2 by FoxRacing
  5. Mountain Biking by West Coast Style 
  6. Tricks and Stunts


New World Disorder 3 – Freewheel Burning by FreeRide Entertainment

2002 - nwd3

Freeride Entertainmet – the creators of NWD and NWD2 bring you this unforgettable film. As always biggest names in the sport rip-it-up all over the globe. This 16 mm film takes bike cinematography to the next level.

Riders: Bender, Jeff Lenosky, John Cowan and Robbie Bourdon.


Sprung 5

A classic must have. This is the last video that Alex Rankin and Milan Spasic will ever do together. The Sprung Videos are all worthy, Sprung 5 is no exception.

Free Sprung 4 is included in the bonus footage featuring yours truly, AJ Picarello and my dog Aslan, our minute and ten seconds of fame! Sprung 4 also visits BMW and features NYC park riding!

A racers DVD, Sprung features world cup racing at its best. 2 hours long! Sprung squeezes in a bit of Moto X and BMX (unsprung). Besides the dudes running in thongs, this video is a keeper. The short film by Kathy Sessler is trippy. (1971 prehistoric BMX footage).


  1. Quantic – Fresh Rhythm
  2. Bushy – Don’t mind if i do
  3. Capsule – Riche et Belle
  4. F.O. the Smack Magnet – Panty Raid
  5. Breakestra – The Live Mix Part 2
  6. Quantic – We Got Soul
  7. Citizen Fish – Shrink the Distance
  8. Meitz – Ming Parle
  9. Capsule – Last Moon
  10. Korea Girl – B-Side
  11. Softball – Foreign Land
  12. Lost Island – Sections 16
  13. Luckie Strike – Slightly Stoopid
  14. JD & The Devil’s Dynamite Band – Flames of Darkness
  15. Calipso Kint & The Soul Investigators – Chick Beans
  16. Calipso Kint & The Soul Investigators – Mo’ Calipso Strut
  17. Steve Alba – Banjo Treats
  18. No Legs – Nervous System
  19. Quasimoto – Put a Curse on You
  20. F.O. THe Smack Magnet – The Humpty Dance
  21. Astropop3 – So Happy
  22. Quantic – Fresh Rhythm
  23. Bubba Thomas and The Lightmen Plus One – The Phantom
  24. Breakestra – The Live Mix2
  25. F.O. The Smack Magnet – Long Lost Friend
  26. Chester – Get Outta My Way
  27. Chester – Hornby Size
  28. Capsule – Le Salon
  29. Citizen Fish – Over The Fence
  30. Rob Life – The Great Rhythm Caper
  31. Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks – Comes Love
  32. Diehard Youth – Bust a Move
  33. Soul Seven – Southside Funk
  34. Chris Murray – Back Rooms & Diesel Fumes
  35. Color Climax – Power-Pac
  36. Styly Cee feat. Karizma & Midnyte – All Stylz Anthem
  37. Breakestra – The Live Mix Part 2
  38. Yesterdays new Quintet – Daylight
  39. Hard Kandy – Moonlight



One of the makers of the “Down” series, Phil Edelfsen brings you a union of amazing riders & locations. Expiers monster hucks, brutal crashes and see the first attempted frontflip off a cliff by Phil Edelfsen himself. From cliff hucking, street trials, north shore, dirt jumping and smooth trail riding, this video, along with a killer soundtrack, depics true thrill of the ride.

Riders: Aaron Edwards, Adam Chapp, Andrew LaFranchise, Androw Fulton, Brent Zemel, Dan Cowan, Danny Swan, Dave Wornets, Edens, Eric Burgon, Garett Boswort, Gary Houseman, Geoff Gulevich, Jared, John Jesme, Krispy Baughma, Mike Laundrum, Mike Martinsen, Nick Savins, Phil Edlefsen, Shaun Miller, Tyler Fain, Tyler Klassen, Vic Marlow, Von Williams and Will Craig.


Third Down

Radically departing from their big huck films of the past, Thor Wixom and Phil Edlefsen have broken new ground by capturing the essence of pure technical riding skill in this latest installment of the DOWN series. With their unique style of camera work and innovative editing, Thor and Phil have created their most dynamic film to date.

Riders: Chris Canfield, Chris Stewart, Eric Rassmussen, Evil Dave, John Jesme, Krispy Baughman, Lance Canfield, Mikey, Phil Edlefsen, Russ Morell, Ryan Gibb, Ryun Noble, Scott Crabill, Shaun Miller, Vic Marlow and Von Williams.


Superheros 3 by Neil Sanders

“Superheros III” is the third big and tasty offering from Neil Sanders and his Superheros freeride team. Hucking your trusty, steel steed off cliffs and boulders is where it begins, but leave it to Gareth Dyer to climb on top of a building for a burly 25-foot roof-to-roof jump. Meanwhile, Dave Watson nails 70-foot dirt doubles only to be followed by Thomas Vanderham and Wade Simmons, …

Riders:  Aaron Chase, Aaron Peters, Brian Onofrichuk, Caile Noble, Cedric Gracia, Darren Miller, Eric Porter, Gareth Dyer, Grant Allen, Inshane, Kyle Strait, Randy Spangler and Richie Schley.


JIB by Thor Wixom

The word JIB was originally coined by snowboarders to describe a certain style of riding. Rail grinding, sessioning half pipes, and boosting huge tricks off of jumps were all considered JIBBING. Through time, JIBBING came to be known as trick oriented riding in man made environments. And while trials riders, North Shore riders, and a handful of urban mountain bikers have been JIBBING for years, only recently has this discipline of riding gained enough momentum to finally be given its own name. JIB, the new video from Thor Wixom, is the first video of its kind…and the only video dedicated entirely to capturing the essence of the JIB movement.

Riders: Aaron Edwards, Brian Malkemes, Chris Stewart, Dan Cowan, Danny Swan, Jesse Walz, Julien Meunier, Mikey Martinson, Shaun Miller, Tyler Klassen, Vittorio Brummotti and Von Williams.



New World Disorder 2 – Fat Tire Fury by FreeRide Entertainment

2001 - nwd2

Disorder 2 came back, bigger, better and stronger than before. more riding, more music, more everything!!!!! bender goes back to the jaw drop and decides he needs a steeper landing. nicolas vouilloz shows the world how to ride. john cowan and timo pritzel demonstrate “big balls” on the hell track!

Riders: Bender, Blaise Beckjord, Jeff Lenosky, John Cowan, Kris Holm, Robbie Bourdon, Stacy Kohut and Timo Pritz.


Superheros 2 by Neil Sanders

Riders: Aaron Chase, Aaron Peters, Brian O, Gareth Dyer, John Jesme, Kyle Strait, Randy Spangler, Thomas Vanderham, Wade Simmons. Shot in BC, Utah, Nevada, California and at the Red Bull Challenge. From the success of the first Superheros comes the follow up film that will leave you wanting more. A kick ass soundtrack from Mega Death, Swollen Members and POD.


Alpha Project by 164 Productions

Alpha Project is the first downhill mountain bike movie bred in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Featuring the best riders in the world, Alpha Project brings you Norba and World Cup racing action, along with exclusive dirt jumping and freeriding footage. Alpha Project is capped off with the World Championships in Vail, …


ChainSmoke 2 by FoxRacing

The directors and riders of “Chainsmoke II” traveled the globe for 18 months scouting new locations and riding opportunities to make this film a truly unique mountain bike video. What type of footage did they return with from this expedition? How about Marla Streb trekking through a remote jungle in Thailand. Try grinding up the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho with Killen and Randolph. Or John Kirkaldie and Nathan Rankin tearing up a DH course at Mach 1 in New Zealand. Or perhaps your fancy is tickled by watching Brian Lopes float 60-foot moto-style jumps at a secret Nor Cal location. Not to be outdone by the American- Chris Kovarik and Michael Ronning launch it over a moving train on location in Cairns, Australia. What ever your style of riding- this video will definitely have you hitting your rewind button.

Riders: Brian Lopes, Chris Kovarik, John Kirkaldie, Marla Streb, Michael Ronning and Nathan Rankin.


  1. Coal Chamber – Big Truck
  2. Fear Factory – Linchpin
  3. Sinch – The Silent Acquicscence of Millions
  4. Younger Brother – Evil and Harm
  5. Ill Nino – What Comes Around
  6. Tricky – Crazy Claws
  7. Deftones – Headup
  8. Baby Fox – Dum Dum Baby
  9. Supreme Beings Of Leisure – Strangelove Addiction
  10. Robert Mirabal – Extinction
  11. Gripline – Toque De Muerto
  12. Soulfly – Soulfly
  13. Beamish & Fly – Spaced
  14. Beamish & Fly – Stoked
  15. Spineshank – New Disease
  16. Kyuss – Into the Void
  17. Bell Portable – Anamorphic


Mountain Biking by West Coast Style

West Coast Style – Mountain Biking DVD, is now available in this special, expanded DVD edition. With over an hour of instruction on riding all types of technical terrain. Filmed on, and near, Vancouver’s famous North Shore trails in British Columbia, Canada. This mountain bike DVD will help you progress your skills as a rider like never before.
Over 20 skills are explained, from West Coast Basics to Wheelie-drops. With instruction by Joan Jones, Director of the West Coast School of Mountain Biking (WCSMB), whose teaching methods form the core of the West Coast Style series. Co-host is the entertaining and renowned Elladee Brown, who also hosts the companion mountain bike DVD – West Coast Style – Freeride Fundamentals.A comprehensive Freeride DVD that expands on the lessons presented in the Mountain Bike DVD.
West Coast Style showcases montages by world-class riders, including Ryan Leech, creator of the “Art of Trials” and “Manifesto” DVDs, professional trials and stunt rider, host Elladee Brown and Cindy Devine, both World Downhill medalists, as well as eight-year old Stevie Baia, who placed first at the 2002 World Trials Championships in Japan. These mountain bikers show you the key to improving your skills, in step by step examples.
This mountain biking DVD invites you to refine your skills in style – West Coast Style.

Riders:  Cindy Devine, Elladee Brown, Joan Jones, Ryan Leech and Steevie Baja.


Tricks and Stunts

Practical and posy tricks from the pros. Here mountain bike fans can learn the difference between a ‘stoppie’, a ‘180’ and a ‘parallel drop off’ and impress their friends! Along the way they can groove to the unbelievable sounds of the Dust Junkys, Orbital, Sneaker Pimps and Corduroy. Professors of Attitude – Hans Rey, Martyn Ashton and Martin Hawyes… Hang on to your helmets! Aside from the coolest first fifteen minutes of mountain bike footage ever done, Tricks and Stunts is an instructional manual of mountain bike trials moves par excellence.

Riders: Hans Rey, Martin Hawyes and Martyn Ashton.



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