DVD’s 2010 – 2009

  • 2010
  1. UCI Downhill World Cup &  Championships 2010 by freecaster.tv
  2. Allout by Allout Productions
  3. Red Bull Rampage: The Evolution 2010 by NWD FILMS/Red Bull
  4. Lifecycles by Stance Films
  5. The Entree by Black Phoenix Films
  6. Women of Dirt by Awesome Land
  7. SYNC by Sean Anderson Films
  8. Brighter by New Wave Cinema
  9. Here We Go Again by DH Productions
  10. VAST by Ionate Films
  11. How To Vol 2 by Australian Mountain Bike
  12. Follow Me by Anthill Films
  • 2011
  1. The Atherton Project 2009
  2. New World Disorder 10 – Dust and Bones by FreeRide Entertainment
  3. Stund 2
  4. Foot Out Flat Out 2 – Fast and Loose by Vas Ent.
  5. Days Of Thunder by ANTI
  6. MADE by Vas Ent.
  7. This Is Bender by RushHD
  8. Break the Cycle
  9. Nissan UCI MTB WC Championships 2009 by freecaster.tv
  10. Barred For Life by Chainlink
  11. What’s Next? by Geax
  12. Over the Bars by DH Productions
  13. On the Line by Goldstein
  14. Rampage 2008 by Red Bull
  15. The Tipping Point by Clay Porter
  16. Days Of Dirt by Allout Productions
  17. Kranked 8 – Revolve by Radical Films


UCI Downhill World Cup &  Championships 2010 by freecaster.tv

The 2010 UCI Downhill World Cup title chase was one of the closest fought contests ever seen. Freecaster.tv brings you every round: Maribor (Slovenia), Fort William (Scotland), Leogang (Austria), Champéry (Switzerland), Val di Sole (Italy) and culminates in Windham (USA)… where the season long battle between Greg Minnaar and Gee Atherton came down to a mere 0.37 of a second!

Includes the 2010 UCI Downhill World Championships in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada. Witness the fastest runs, the hardest crashes and the biggest comeback of the season!

• Men’s Downhill World Cup & World Championships 2010 (main feature)
• Women’s Downhill World Cup & World Championships 2010
• Men’s & Women’s 4X World Cup & World Championships
• Helmet Cam runs from every DH track
• Bonus content

Riders: Anita Molcik, Anneke Beerten, Brendan Fairclough, Caroline Buchanan, Claire Buchar, Danny Hart, Emmeline Ragot, Fabien Pedemanaud, Fionn Griffiths, Florlane Pugin, Gee Atherton, Greg Minnaar, Gwin Aaron, Jared Graves, Joost Wichman, Michal Marosi, Michal Prokop, Mio Suemasa, Myriam Nicole, Petra Bernhard, Rachel Atherton, Sabrina Jonnier, Sam Hill, Sarsha Huntington, Steve Smith, Tomas Slavik and Tracey Mosely.


Allout by Allout Productions

For their 7th release, Allout Productions has circled the globe to bring you the sauciness you deserve. From Slovenia to San Diego, ‘Allout’ features hot World Cup action as well as American shredders getting greasy on their home soil. From start line to finish, this film will have you fiending to grab your bike and get peddling!

Riders: Aaron Gwin, Andrew Neethling, Ben Reid, Brandon Semenuk, Brendon Fairclough, Danny Hart, Gee Atherton, Greg Minaar, Joe Smith, Josh Bryceland, Kyle Strait, Mitch Delfs, Ryan Condrashoff, Ryan Howard, Sam Hill, Steve Peat and Stevie Smith.


  1. Intro : Billy Squier – The Stroke
  2. Logan Binggeli: White Zombie – Thunder Kiss ’65
  3. Black Sabbath – Supernaut
  4. Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle
  5. Led Zepplin – Immigrant Song
  6. Brad Oien: Doom – Rap Ambush
  7. Metallica – The Four Horsemen
  8. Ryan Condrashoff: The Go – Meet Me At The Movies
  9. Motley Crue – Wild Side
  10. Iron Maiden – Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
  11. Reverend Horton Heat – 400 Bucks
  12. Cymande – Bronthers On The Slide
  13. Kevin Aiello: Led Zepplin – The Ocean
  14. Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg
  15. Ted Nugent – Great White Buffalo
  16. Massive Attack – I Against I
  17. Men At Work – Down Under
  18. Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons – Beggin’ (Pilooski Re-Edit)
  19. Bobby Caldwell – What You Won’t Do For Love


Red Bull Rampage: The Evolution 2010 by NWD FILMS/Red Bull

Launched in 2001 and held annually through 2004, Red Bull Rampage brought the creative, unrestricted ethos of freeride mountain biking to the contest arena while staying true to the sport’s core ideals. Poised on a sandstone ridge in the brutal landscape near Virgin, Utah riders were free to chose whatever line they dared between an established start gate and the finish line 1,500 vertical feet below. Exactly what happened between those two points has become legendary.


  1. Seb Taylor – The Tempest
  2. P.S. I Love You – Meet Me At The Muster Station
  3. Gar Francis – Midnight in Rome (Instrumental)
  4. Manic – Champa
  5. Indigo Egg – Clouds of Indigo
  6. Tripping Horse – La Pistola (Instrumental)
  7. The Heavy – Short Change Hero
  8. The Go! Team – T.O.R.N.A.D.O
  9. The Death Set – It’s Another Day
  10. Paper Tiger – 2nd Day Back
  11. Crystal Moon – Silent Pool
  12. Shad – We, Myself and I
  13. P.S. I Love You – Get Over
  14. The D’Urbervilles – Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade)
  15. Eskmo – Come Back (Lorn Remix)
  16. Hail The Villain – Take Back The Fear
  17. Seb Taylor – Ground Level
  18. Deer Tick – Friday XIII


Lifecycles by Stance Films

Life Cycles tells a spectacular story of the bike, from its creation to its eventual demise. A visually stunning journey, with thought provoking narration, Life Cycles uses Ultra HD to document the many stories surrounding the mountain bike and its culture. Ride along into breath taking natural settings, as we battle the elements, showcase the progression of riding, take a road trip, fix the bike, and show the destruction and eventual creation of trails. Semenuk, Hopkins, Schwartz, McIntosh, McCaul Agassiz, Hunter and Vanderham guide you through this wonderful story. Life Cycles is a celebration of the bicycle, and is sure to entertain anyone who has ever ridden one.

Riders: Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul, Evan Schwartz, Graham Agassiz, Graham Tracey, Matt Hunter, Mike Hopkins, Riley McIntosh and Thomas Vanderham.


  1. Data Romance – Intro
  2. Data Romance – Factory
  3. Ginormous – Night Scene, Fireworks, The Heavens
  4. Blockhead – Sunday Séance (Loka Remix)
  5. Data Romance – Seasons
  6. Graham Tracey – Powerslide
  7. Data Romance – Saskatoon
  8. Hecq – Above
  9. Moby – Flower
  10. MewithoutYou – In A Sweater Poorly Knit
  11. Bonobo – Recurring
  12. Data Romance – Elements
  13. Aaron Nazrul – Daylight
  14. Explosions in the Sky – The Birth and Death of the Day
  15. Data Romance – Night Section
  16. Drew Danburry – Hero Kensan
  17. Data Romance – Ghosted


The Entree by Black Phoenix Films

The Entree is an in depth documentary/ extended interview with Australian born UCI DOWNHILL WORLD SERIES CHAMPION Sam Hill based on his 2009 racing season. With just three rounds to go and a winless and turbulent season already behind him The Entree begins in Mont Saint Anne, Canada round #6 where things begin to change and the race to the finish begins. Follow Sam and his team mate Brendan Fairclough across the globe on an insightful journey from Canada, back to his homeland Australia then to Schladming, Austria for the ride of the season on his quest for World Series GOLD and the celebrations that followed.

Riders: Brendan Fairclough and Sam Hill.


  1. Wolfgang Gartner – Hook Shot
  2. Wolfgang Gartner – Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony
  3. Sketching Cato – Changes
  4. Tricky Woo – Born True
  5. Yungun – All You’ve Got
  6. Great Day For Up – Taste Of The Wasted
  7. Dynamo Productions – Showtime


Women of Dirt by Awesome Land

Women Of Dirt is a unique look into the world of Downhill Racing, Dirt Jumping and Freeriding. This film looks through the eyes of the wondrous women that have helped grow the sport of Gravity Mountain Biking with their strength and courage.

Riders: Cierra Smith, Darcy Turenne, Dawn Cashen, Emily Johnston, Jill Kintner, Kathy Pruitt, Katrina Strand, Leana Gerrard, Lisa Myklak, Stephanie Nychka and Tammy Donahugh.


  1. MY-G – Chasing Dreams
  2. MY-G – Entertainers (ft. Gainon & Rose)
  3. MY-G – Circle of Life (ft. Aniya)
  4. MY-G – YESSUH (instrumental)
  5. MY-G – Gunpoint
  6. Jah Sun – Future B-Boy
  7. MY-G – Blink of an Eye (instrumental ft. Masud Tahmassbi)
  8. MY-G – King’s Knees (instrumental ft. Masud Tahmassbi)
  9. MY-G – What’s Going On (ft. Pep Love & Rose)
  10. MY-G – R.I.P. Double (ft. Danger Russ)
  11. MY-G – Untold Story (ft. Mikah Nyne Zelly Rock & Sleep)
  12. MY-G – Send Me An Angel (instrumental ft. Lambsbread)
  13. MY-G – Trouble in Paradise (ft. Toni Hilol, Masud Tahmassbi & Daniel Lamb)
  14. MY-G – So High (ft. Khalil)
  15. MY-G – Annie Get Your Gun (ft. Talib Kweli)


SYNC by Sean Anderson Films

Sean Anderson has put togehter a film called SYNC that follows the 2009/2010 Australian National DH Series.

Riders:  Chris Kovarik, Josh Button, Sam Hill and Troy Brosnan.


Brighter by New Wave Cinema

Filmed in North and South America, Brighter has an often overlooked, unique approach to filmmaking: we’re here to have fun! This new DVD is delivering this spring exactly what you’ve been missing: A feel good, pro quality film…at an affordable price. Shot in pristine hi definition, Brighter features some of the world’s best riders, shredding and sending it for their love of riding bikes.


Here We Go Again by DH Productions

Here We Go Again DVD is DH Productions’ twentyfifth DVD adventure. We will bring together the old and the new, from the Andes to the Appalachians. Fresh faced rippers team up with our stable of shredders, showing that no matter where you’re at or who you are, it’s all about havin’ fun. While secret stashes and untouchable locations are nice, Here We Go Again. will draw upon DH Productions’ DIY style and blue collar work ethic to feature rad spots all around the world – spots that are there for the taking. Look around you and see what you can find. This is our backyard sesh – where’s yours?


  1. The Bouncing Souls – Here We Go (Live)
  2. Powerman 5000 – Riot Time
  3. Black Water Rising – The River
  4. House of Broken Promises – Blister
  5. Goodness – Sex & Rebellion
  6. The Sweet Kill – Never Die
  7. Jamie’s Elsewhere – The Prodigal
  8. Spirits – Heart Pump
  9. Hawthorne Heights – Decembers
  10. Spirits – Controlled Wildfires
  11. Ari Shine/Ben Rew – Ghost Ride/The Whip
  12. Dan Kinsley – Top of the Mountain
  13. Big Cock – Live To Rock
  14. The Bouncing Souls – True Believers (Live)


VAST by Ionate Films

Ionate films is back with its second freeride mountainbike film and takes you on a ride through dust, dirt, tarmac and snow. Lean back and enjoy the resounding scenery spanning from the heart of the Swiss Alps over mountains and glaciers down to the Ligurian coastline, the broad spaces of the Provence and the streets of Berlin. See what riders like René Wildhaber, Ross Schnell, Samuel Zbinden and Carlo Dieckmann do when they go riding, not racing.

Filmed on location in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria and France

Riders: Adrian Fischer, Carlo Dieckmann, Katja Rupf, Marco Bugnone, Mathé Hüsler, Mischa Breitenstein, Pascal Breitenstein, Rene Wildhaber, Roman Roschi, Romeo Volken, Ross Schnell, Sacha Robert, Samuel Zbinden and Vinzenz Guntern.


  1. Nada Surf – Blankest Year Weight is a Gift
  2. Romeo Volken: We Are Scientists – After Hours
  3. Samuel Zbinden: Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk
  4. Carlo Dieckmann: Pony Pony Run Run – Walking On a Line
  5. Adrian Fischer: Map ft. Keny Arkana – Appelle Moi Camarade
  6. Sacha Robert: Johnny Foreigner – Salt, Peppa and Spinderella
  7. Roman Roschi: Ignite – Let It Burn
  8. Vinzenz Guntern: Tiger Lou – A Partial Print
  9. Pascal Breitenstein, Mischa Breitenstein: Tilly and the Wall – Beat Control
  10. Marco Bugnone: Grand National – Boner
  11. Freeride Express: Malcolm Middleton – Red Travellin’ Socks
  12. Credits: Dredg – Matroshka


How To Vol 2 by Australian Mountain Bike

Australian Mountain Bike presents ‘How To Vol 2’ The ultimate instructional guide to improve your riding. Covering 20 skills,from the basic to the advanced, ‘How To Vol 2’ will improve your riding no matter what style of mountain biking you’re into.

20 skills explained, step-by-step, to help you improve your riding, whatever style of mountain bike tickles your fancy.


UCI MTB WC DHI & 4X by freecaster.tv

UCI MTB World Cup DHI 1 – Maribor – Replay, UCI MTB World Cup 4X 2 – Maribor – Replay, Helmet Cam Run from Maribor 2010 with Mick Hannah, Fox Racing Shox Course Walk – Maribor DH 2010, Helmet Cam Run from Maribor 2010 with Nick Beer, Interviews with the Women of DH,  Interview with Anneke Beerten, Scott11 Team Introduction from Maribor, Fox Racing Shox Tech Talk from Maribor, Interview with Neethling and Leov.

Riders:  Anneke Beerten, Leov and Neethling.


Follow Me by Anthill Films

The filmmakers who brought you the Collective, Roam and Seasons present a new mountain bike film, Follow Me. Shot in high definition, Follow Me takes the viewer inside the action, capturing the unique perspectives and imagery the Anthill Films crew is famous for.

Follow Me gets back to basics and reminds us why we all love to ride bikes. Breaking from the traditional format of single rider segments, the film documents what happens when the worlds best downhillers, freeriders and slopestylers ride together on some of the best trails on the planet. Follow Me is a portrait of modern mountain bike lifestyle and culture think back-yard sessions, ripping local trails, training bike parks, epic road trips and heli drops its all about having fun your bike.

Follow Me will change the way you see mountain bike films and get you stoked to get off the couch and ride!

Locations: Queenstown NZ, Baja (Punta San Carlos), Whistler, Sun Peaks, Silver Star, Mt. Washington, the North Shore, Sunshine Coast, Kamloops, Mt. Hood

Riders: Ben Boyko, Brandon Semenuk, Brendan Fairclough, Cam McCaul, Darren Berrecloth, Gee Atherton, Geoff Gulevich, Kurt Sorge, Matt Hunter, Sam Hill, Steve Smith and Thomas Vanderham.


  1. Dar Band/Whitefield Brothers – Hammerhead
  2. Deviates – Come With Me
  3. Rise Against – Re-Education (Through Labor)
  4. Damian Marley – Welcome to Jamrock
  5. Michael Franti and Spearhead – Light Up Ya Lighter
  6. Mos Def – Life in Marvelous Times
  7. Delta Spirit – People C’mon
  8. Alice In Videoland – We Are Rebels
  9. Killaflow – Set Me On Fire
  10. Drawcard – It’s On



The Atherton Project 2009

Episodes 1 – 3
The fly on the wall show will track the exploits of the most famous family in mountain bike history. Follow British riders Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton as they compete in the 2009 UCI World Cup Series and the World Championships in Australia, where Rachel and Gee will defend their 2008 crowns. The series promises to delve deep into their lives, especially life away from the training routines and competitions.

Episode 4
The Atherton’s have done it again. Watch who the nation’s favourite Atherton is, follow them during the World Cup in Andorra. And don’t forget to see Clay Porter’s dance routine for his next participation in X Factor. And to top things off, we follow the Athertons at the US Open 2009.

Episode 5
We follow Rachel as she goes in to surgery, Dan having some trouble with his shoulder at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Fort William. We follow Gee at Fort William when he talks about the urge of winning before his home crowed.

Episode 6
The Athertons are in Maribor, Slovenia for the next leg of the Nissan UCI World Cup. Unfortunately, Dan finishes 6th and Gee, who was first in the qualifier, finishes 12th due to a few nasty spills. The pressure is on for Gee and Dan to perform well in Canada. Back home, the guys relax by riding the trails around their house as; Rachel reflects on the season and expresses some doubts about the future.

Episode 7
Watch Gee and Dan competing in a road cycle race and follow them to the World Cup in Mont-Sainte-Anne.

Episode 8
The Atherton clan hit up round seven of the downhill World Cup in Bromont, Canada. Mechanic Stevie gets loose on the dancefloor, while Dan stomps his way into the 4X final following a few words of wisdom from trainer Roberts. Will he survive one of the season’s biggest pile ups and grab that ellusive top spot? Check it out…

Episode 9
A documentary following Gee, Dan and Rachel Atherton.

Episode 10
Episode 10 follows Gee and Dan to the World Champs in Australia. With Dan’s disappointment in the 4X at the World Champs the Atherton’s season hangs in the balance. It’s not all bad news though, with former World Champ and World Cup winner Rachel Atherton well on her way to recovery and eyeing a successful 2010 season.

Episode 11
Following her training injury earlier this year, Rachel is back on the bike and back on the pace as she takes on the gnarly trails of Schladming, Austria. Shes fit and focused and looking to reclaim her position as world number one in 2010. Meanwhile, brother Dan has his eyes set on a strong finish in the Schladming 4X finals. Can he end the year on a high? While Dan gets his lines down on the rebuilt 4X track, we gain an insight into the life of Animal Commencals firey photographer, Sven Martin as he hunts for the perfect shot. Its been a solid year for 2008 World Champ Gee Atherton, and with a little more luck he could well take the World Cup title next year, but for now hes focused on putting it all on the line in Schladming, and he does just that.

Episode 12
With the World Cup season all wrapped up, the Atherton clan head to Brazil where they hit up the Desafio no Morro downtown race in the slums of Rio. Returning home to hit up their local trails and tracks, the Athertons go out with a bang with an epic quarry session.

Riders: Dan Atherton, Gee Atherton and Rachel Atherton


New World Disorder 10 – Dust and Bones by FreeRide Entertainment

NWD 10 “Dust & Bones” is the final chapter in the epic saga known as New World Disorder. Shot in high definition with RED cameras you’ ll witness the ultimate throw down segment by Darren Berrecloth, unbelievable back flip combinations from Greg Watts and the new school styles of Graham Agassiz.
Follow the Clump, Stumps and Jumps Tour as they jam the west coast and entertain a Giants baseball game from the Hell Barge in San Francisco Bay. Watch Paul Basagoitia slay his personal playground in Nevada, Gee Atherton “keep it lit” through the forests of Italy and Aaron Chase with Adam Hauck and friends session Highland MTB park in New Hampshire. Pile in the rest of the top freeriders, dirt jumpers and slopestylers and this world class film will have you reeling.

Riders: Aaron Chase, Adam Hauck, Darren Berrecloth, Gee Atherton, Graham Agassiz and Paul Basagoitia.


  1. Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, Janos Sandor – Peer Gynt Suite No 1 Death of Ase by Grieg
  2. Lupe Fiasco feat – Shining Down
  3. Sam Champion – Be Mine Everyone
  4. Muse – Uprising
  5. Phoenix 1901
  6. Nu Braz – Meniniha
  7. J. Merrifield – Superheroes
  8. Aranda – Why Ya Wanna Bring Me Down
  9. Ghostface Killa – The Champ
  10. Cage The Elephant – In One Ear
  11. Wolfmother – Back Round
  12. Spinnerette – All Babes Are Wolves
  13. King Khan & His Shrines – No Regrets
  14. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Frank, AB
  15. The Bronx – Inveigh
  16. Stray Bullets – Bender


Stund 2

While we are currently on a 25 day road trip down the west coast of the US ending up at Interbike, Las Vegas. Working with Tam Forde once again to keep things crisp behind the lens. We knew we needed riders that are fresh and killing it to back us up. James Doerfling and Garret Buehler have proven that they are hungry with banger sections in Kranked 7 as well as 8 and throw down for Season 2! While my partner Mike Kinrade does what he does best! For myself, well I get to drive the van to new locations and kill it on my bike everyday with top B.C. Pros. Rough life I got these days. In case you missed out Season 1, we use our own creative control and ideas to produce this show from the riders, for the riders. I am going to keep it short and let our trailer speak for itself!

Riders: Brian Fruit, Casey Groves, Cory Brunelle, Darren Salsbury, David Wiesenhofer, Evan Gilsdor, Gary Paasch, Kevin Menard, Kyle Young, Lorraine Blancher, Mike Hopkins, Ollie Thomas and Patrick Schmidlin.


Foot Out Flat Out 2 – Fast and Loose by Vas Ent.

Foot Out Flat Out 2 – Fast and Loose is the much awaited sequel featuring the 2009 UCI World Cup and World Championships and taking a closer look at the highest level of Downhill mountain bike racing. FOFO2 takes a front row seat and documents the action as Britain’s fastest racers like Steve Peat, Gee Atherton, Brendan Fairclough and Marc Beaumont go head to head with the rest of the World’s top athletes including Greg Minnaar, Sam Hill, Sam Blenkinsop and newboy American, Aaron Gwin.

Riders: Aaron Bartlett and Paul Roberts.


  1. Intro : JustAnotherDj
  2. Tom Deacon / Harry Heath: Chasing Mercury – Midnight at the Ball
  3. Marc Beaumont: Tigs – Something New
  4. Fort William: Black Box Nation – The Great Addiction
  5. Joe Barnes: Audiomoe – The Void
  6. Maribor: Hugo Frusslinky – Holiday
  7. Short Travel: Dubbledge – 9-5
  8. National Champs: Witness to Change – Video Stars
  9. Joe Smith: Isolated Atoms – Here We Go
  10. Mont Saint Anne: The Dandy Warhols – Boys
  11. Trails: Break – Recovery
  12. Bromont: Isolated Atoms – Tell Me What I Want
  13. Bernard Kerr: Breathe Electric – Emotion
  14. World Champs: Feist – My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)
  15. The Dandy Warhols – Godless
  16. Brendan Fairclough / Rich Thomas: Break – Walk By
  17. Schladming: Hots – Movin On Up
  18. Popup – Chinese Burn
  19. Danny Hart / Scott Mears: XX Teens – Sun Comes Up


Days Of Thunder by ANTI

The Days of Thunder project began as the strong vision of the Norwegian ANTI crew to create a non-commercial event that transports and inherits the feeling of freeride mountain biking: six days of pure fun riding with your mates from all over the world at a unique place enjoying the different aspects of freeriding: downhill racing, dirt jumping and slopestyle sessions. Due to the support of the Hafjell Bike Park, the Bikes And Boards shop and the Urge Intense drink, a second edition of the one of its kind event took place in the summer 2009.


MADE by Vas Ent.

MADE is an inspirational Mountain Bike film about the best riders in the world doing what they love, riding bikes. Whether they are on their downhill bikes, moto’s, hardtails or BMX’s they radiate an infectious passion for bikes and a love of the lifestyle that comes with them.
MADE captures in stunning high definition the essence of a life of traveling, racing and riding that we all dream of.

Riders: Andrew Neethling, Ben Reid, Brendan Fairclough, Danny Pace, Filip Polc, Greg Minnaar, Josh Bryceland, Sam Hill, Steve Peat and Steve Smith.


  1. Intro : Goldfish – The Real Deal
  2. Greg Minnaar: Empire of the sun – Walking on a dream
  3. Battle royal: Gomez – 78 stone shuffle
  4. Fort William: Metric – Combat baby
  5. Fort William: The handsome boy modelling school – Rock and roll could never hip hop like this (pt2) instrumental
  6. Ben Reid: Billy Idol – Rebell yell
  7. Maribor WC: La Roux – In for the kill
  8. Chukies Kush: Shawn Lee’s ping pong orchestra – Kiss the sky
  9. Mont Sainte Anne: Here come the birds – Selling expectations
  10. Steve Smith / Filip Polc: Joe Con – War with the senses
  11. Bromont: Tegan and Sarah – The con
  12. Danny Pace: Chromeo – Fancy footwork
  13. National Champs: Crystal Castles – Courtship Dating
  14. Megavalanche: Paola – Interstellar love
  15. Schladming: Collie Budz – Dj Yoda rmx – Come around
  16. Sam Brendan: M.I.A. – Paper planes
  17. World Champ’s: Patrick Wolf – Overture
  18. Steve Josh: Kyle Andrews – Sushi
  19. Credits: Katalyst – Get down
  20. Extras: Myg – What’s going on
  21. Extras: Gomez – Flavor


This Is Bender by RushHD

This Is Bender. Human body crash test dummy. Evil Kenevil of freeride. Huck anything. Crash everything. One of freeride’s “old dudes” who schooled you. Think you can do this? Better have 12″ up front.

Rider: josh Bender.


Break the Cycle

The long awaited Break the Cycle DVD has just been released! For those of you who don’t know, Break the Cycle film is a super chilled-out action sports documentary showing how ten of Irelands best downhill mountain bike riders use their bikes to break the cycle of every day life.

Break the Cycle gives an insight into the life of these Irish downhill mountainbikers, while also showing off the amazing scenery and trails Ireland has to offer. We have also teamed up with bands from Ireland and beyond to provide an amazing soundtrack, from the punk rock sounds of ‘Rigger’ to the chilled out vibes of ‘The Frames’.

Riders: Ben Rieid, Colin Ross, Dan Wolfe, Ewan Doherty, Gerard Wolfe, Glyn O’Brien, Greg O’Keefe, Jamie McCullough, Meave Baxter and Tom Power.


Nissan UCI MTB WC Championships 2009 by freecaster.tv

In 2009, Freecaster.tv embarked upon a mission to deliver the Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and World Championships to fans around the World, LIVE and free of charge, via the internet. The coverage sparked a revolution in the way mountain bike fans could enjoy the drama and danger of racing, bringing together thousands of fans from around the globe to watch simultaneously as one big community.

Riders: Rob Warner


Barred For Life by Chainlink

“Barred For Life” is sure to land its spot on your actions sports shelves. With the sickest riders in the industry, throwing down the craziest tricks to date AKA “first ever Flip double Whip on an MTB” and flipping huge road gaps. This movie will keep you on the edge of your couch for sure. Join us on a new chapter in MTB as we continue the “Barred Series” and our amazing trips with our good buddies around the globe.

Riders: Andrew Taylor, Ben Boyko, Cam McCaul, Geoff Gulevich, Greg Watts, Jordie Lunn, Kyle Hansen, Steve Romaniuk, Trent Kidd and Trond Hanson.


  1. Trond Hanson: Justice – Genesis
  2. Steve Romaniuk: Turbonegro – The Age of Pamparius
  3. Cam MaCaul / Andrew Taylor: MGMT – Time to Pretend
  4. Trond Hanson: Swollen Members – Grind
  5. Kyle Hansen: TV on the Radio – DLZ
  6. Trent Kidd: Soul Position – Right Place, Wrong Time
  7. Jordie Lunn: MGMT – Kids
  8. Ben Boyko: Ratatat – Kennedy
  9. Geoff Gulevich: Millz Beat – Are You Read
  10. Greg Watts: Ratatat – Seventeen Years
  11. Trond Hanson: Muse – Feeling Good


What’s Next? by Geax

What’s Next? is the latest mountain bike movie filmed and edited by Aaron Larock out of Victoria, B.C. Canada. Sponsored by: GEAX, RaceFace, Pinkbike, Banshee, Lavan Apparel and Straitline Components.

Riders: Alan Hepburn, Andrew Sherry, Brendan Howey, Casey Groves, Dustin Greenall, Dylan Dunkerton, Dylan Sherrard, Eric Lawrenuk, Frankie Vass, Jarrett Moore, Logan Peat, Luke Fulton, Mark Matthews, Matt Brooks, Strahan Loken, Taylor Leigh, Wink Grant.


  1. Intro : Shiny Toy Guns – Major Tom
  2. Alan Hepburn / Jarrett Moore: Matt and Kim – Daylight
  3. Mark Matthews: Magic Wands – Black Magic
  4. Dustin Greenall / Casey Groves: Little Boots – Meddle
  5. Andrew Sherry: Alex Metric – Deadly on a Mission
  6. Matt Brooks: Danger Mouse – Threat (Jay Z Remix)
  7. Brendan Howey / Dylan Dunkerton: Daft Punk – Superheroes (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)
  8. Taylor Leigh: Le Tigre – TKO
  9. Dylan Sherrard: Bat For Lashes – Daniel
  10. Frankie Vass: Jay Z ft. Santogold – Brooklyn We Go Hard
  11. Luke Fulton / Wink Grant: Ladyhawke – Magic
  12. Strahan Loken: TV On The Radio – DLZ
  13. Eric Lawrenuk: La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)
  14. Credits: The Kickdrums – Love is a Drug (Kolt13 Remix)


Over the Bars by DH Productions

The DH Productions stable of knuckleheads have been accused of being OTB for years and now here is the proof. The crew has dug deep into our archive, sifted through over a decades worth of footage and pulled out the sickest crash clips we could find.

Riders:  Aaron Chase, Andrew Neethling, Bryn Atkinson, Cam McCaul, Cameron Zink, Dave Smutok, Jeff Lenosky, Lars Tribus, Mike Kinrade, Randy Spangler, Scott Hart, Steve Romanuk and Wayne Goss.


On the Line by Goldstein

Goldstein Productions has officially arrived with the release of On The Line. The mountain bike community is invited to share in a visual experience that documents some of the most talented riders as they converged in Whistler, British Columbia and the surrounding areas last summer.

Riders: Chris Dimbill, Cody Eichhorn, Finn Finestone, Ian Morrison, Jack Reading, Kevin Bartkowski, Matt Zdriluk and Smokey.


  1. Intro : John Powell – To The Roof
  2. Cody Eichhorn: Lostprophets – Everyday Combat
  3. Matt Zdriluk: Linkin Park – Bleed It Out
  4. Jack Reading: Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers – Funny Little Feeling
  5. Crankworx: Doves – Pounding
  6. Finn Finestone: Goldspot – Float On
  7. Phat Wednesdays: Reel Big Fish – Beer
  8. Ian Morrison / Chris Dimbill: Blonde Redhead – Spring and By Summer Fall
  9. Kevin Bartkowski: Guano Apes – Open Your Eyes
  10. Train Gap: Saltillo – A Necessary End
  11. Smokey: Queens of the Stone Age – You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire
  12. Credits: Mobile – See Right Through Me


Rampage 2008 by Red Bull

When the Rampage ended in 2004 it left a big hole in the Freeride scene …. This quote from Darren Berrecloth could not be more true, until now! Red Bull Rampage is back after a four year hiatus and it’s bigger and badder than ever. Top pros from slopestyle, big mountain and racing have converged in Virgin, Utah to decide the winner of the most anticipated mountain bike event of the year.

Riders: Alex Prochazka, Andrew Taylor, Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul, Cameron Zink, Cedric Gracia, Chris Van Dine, Dan Atherton, Darren Berrecloth, Garett Buehler, Gee Atherton, Geoff Gulevich, Graham Aggasiz, Guido Tschugg, James Doerfling, Kelly McGarry, Kenny Smith, Kurt Sorge, Kyle Strait, Matt Hunter, Mike Hopkins, Mike Kinrade, Paul Basagoitia, Robbie Bourdon, Thomas Vanderham and Trond Hansen.


  1. Cam McCaul: Paavoharju – Kuu Lohduttaa Huolestuneita
  2. Handsome Furs – Dumb Animals
  3. Face To Face – Hollow
  4. Two Tweak Beat – Rap Sap
  5. Metronomes – Ballparks
  6. Ming & FS – Bending Red
  7. The Gingers – Run With Wolves
  8. Gee Atherton / Darren Berrecloth: Capitol Eye – Murderah’z
  9. Worrytrain – The Fire Catcher
  10. Gee Atherton: Face To Face – Disappointed
  11. Thomas Vanderham: Phontaine – Topo Drop
  12. Year Long Disaster – It Ain’t Luck
  13. Robbie Bourdon / Cam McCaul: Handsome Furs – What We Had
  14. Worrytrain – Via Madoline Ralley
  15. Jay Reatard – My Shadow
  16. Brandon Semenuk / Darren Berrecloth: Lioness – You’re My Heart

The Tipping Point by Clay Porter

Clay has been traveling around the world for the past number of years capturing the best of biking through his lens, and he is here to bring you the 2008 World Cup Series.
Welcome back to the world of downhill mountain bike racing. A world covered in sweat, perseverance, and desire. A world filled with dreamers. A world that was dominated in 2007 by one cunning talent: Australia’s Sam Hill. Many in the know thought that Hill had both the speed and mental strength to come into the 2008 World Cup Series fast and leave it devastated and undefeated. Standing in his way was a cast of athletes from around the world that were hungry, poised and ready to take the Australian down.

Featuring every round of the 2008 UCI World Cup Series as well as the World Championships and shot anywhere between the United States, Australia, Finland and Canada, the Tipping Point is the sport of downhill mountain bike racing documented. The Tipping Point is a group of characters that inspire, grow and dominate in a world they confidently claim as unique.

Riders: Aaron Gwin, Brendan Fairclough, Clay Porter, Greg Minnaar, Justin Leov, Luke Strobel, Matti Lehikoinen, Sam Blenkinsop and Steve Peat.


  1. Intro : Seb Taylor – Many Days Later
  2. Maribor WC: Kays Alatrakchi – Dark Matter
  3. Matti Lehikoinen: Shiny Toy Guns – Rainy Monday
  4. Andorra WC: Yoni Gileadi – The Bomb
  5. Dane Short & Kris Dirksen – Star Chamber
  6. Mark Moore – Audio Active – I Belong
  7. AudioActive – Multiplicity
  8. Greg Minnaar: Bliss ‘n’ Eso – Blazin’
  9. World Championships: Mark Moore – Shadows from AudioActive 2
  10. Steve Peat / Brendan Fairclough: The Expendables – Sacrifice
  11. Mont. Sainte Anne WC: D. Todd Sorensen – Kiss of Death
  12. Lisle Moore – Mahemopolis
  13. Aaron Gwin / Luke Strobel: Rise Against – Saviour
  14. Bromont WC: James Guymon – Freedom Under Fire
  15. Justin Leov / Sam Blenkinsop: Alice in Videoland – Numb
  16. Canberra WC: The Faint – The Conductor
  17. Schladming WC: Nathan Matthew David – Arch Nemesis
  18. D. Todd Sorensen – Evolutionary
  19. Band of Horses – Is There A Ghost
  20. Credits: Iglu & Hartly – In This City


Days Of Dirt by Allout Productions

Days of Dirt DVD is the fifth feature release from Allout Productions, ‘Days of Dirt’ offers up a buttery blend of downhill & freestyle action. From the hills of Oakland to Crankworx, the film showcases America’s finest riders gettin down n dirty doing what they do best. Featuring rippers like Cole Bangert, Brad Benedict, Ryan Condrashoff, Brian Miller, Alex Reveles, Duncan Riffle, Luke Strobel, JD Swanguen, Greg Watts, etc., ‘Days of Dirt’ will have you stoked to get dirty.

Riders: Alex Reveles, Amado Stachenfeld, Brad Benedict, Brian Miller, Cody Warren, Cole Bangert, Duncan Riffle, Greg Watts, JD Swanguen, John Hauer, Kevin Aiello, Lars Sternberg, Luke Strobel and Ryan Condrashoff.


  1. Intro : Ted Nugent – Fred Bear
  2. Brian Miller: Andre Nickatina – King Nicky’s Crown
  3. Lars Sternberg: Maserati – 1216
  4. Luke Strobel: Ozzy Osbourne – Symptom of the Universe
  5. Urban Interlude: DJ Mr Tee – Subway Mix
  6. Mt St Anne: Metallica – Creeping Death
  7. Brad Oien: Andre Nickatina – Sun Duck Kim
  8. 4 Jumpers: Dig Dug – Countin’ Crows
  9. Amado Stachenfeld: The Sword – Winter’s Wolves
  10. Bromont: The Stooges – Down on the Streets
  11. Cole Bangert / Cody Warren: Curtis Mayfield – Move on Up
  12. Crankworx Slopestyle: Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
  13. John Hauer: April March – Chick Habit
  14. Crankworx A-line Race: Led Zeppelin – Bring it on Home
  15. Crankworx Dual Slalom: Eric B & Rakim – I Know U Got Soul
  16. JD Swanguen: Doobie Bros – Long Train Running
  17. Kevin Aiello: Andre Nickatina – Cherry Banana Pumpkin Pie
  18. Norba Highlights: ZZ Top – La Grange
  19. Day in NYC: The Rolling Stones – Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Heartbreaker
  20. Ryan Condrashoff: The Sword – Iron Swan
  21. Credits: Dangerous Dame – Jumpin’


Kranked 8 – Revolve by Radical Films

Kranked Revolve is the all newest addition to the Kranked video collection. Kranked Revolve features some of the industry’s best freeriders, dirt jumpers, and racers, all in their own elements and doing their own thing. All seen through the eye of Bjorn Enga.

A high definition tribute to the coolest human-powered adrenaline tool ever invented and a look at the riders who push these bikes to their limits. Featuring Jamie Goldman, Lance McDermott, Sam Pilgrim, Steve Romaniuk, James Doerfling, Rene Wildhaber, Garett Buehler, Mike Kinrade, Bobby McMullen, Sam Hill, Brendan Fairclough, and the coastal crew.

Riders: Bobby McMullen, Brendan Fairclough, Garett Buehler, James Doerfling, Jamie Goldman, Lance McDermott, Mike Kinrade, Rene Wildhaber, Sam Hill, Sam Pilgrim and Steve Romaniuk.


  1. SMS – Volcanic Beats
  2. Turbonegro – The Blizzard of Flames
  3. Datarock – Fa Fa Fa
  4. Royscopp – So Easy
  5. The Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So
  6. Bonobo – Behind The Light
  7. Ladytron – Deep Blue
  8. Lyrics Born – I Changed My Mind
  9. The Black Ghosts – Anyway You Choose To Give It
  10. Daft Punk – Da Funk
  11. Digitalism – Anything New
  12. The National – Available
  13. The Klaxons – Atlantis To Interzone
  14. Shiny Toy Guns – Ghost Town
  15. Love Grenades – Young Lovers
  16. Rob The Viking – Go For Mine



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