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From The Inside Out by Coastal Crew & District Ride by Red Bull [Torrents]



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From The Inside Out by Coastal Crew

From The Inside Out by Coastal Crew (novo/new)

Many past films, riders, and locations have inspired us. Some of those locations are now our backyards, and some of those riders are now our friends. From the Inside Out is our adventure to the places we’ve always wanted to ride, and our expression of the lines and styles that have influenced us. This is freeride mountain biking. This film is from us – the riders.

Written, directed and edited by The Coastal Crew and produced by Anthill Films, From the Inside Out was filmed entirely in British Columbia, the birthplace of freeride, and features some of the sport’s best riders, including: Brandon Semenuk, Steve Smith, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, Graham Agassiz, Mike Hopkins, Kenny Smith & The Coastal Crew. Photography by Nicolas Teichrob.

District Ride by Red Bull

District Ride by Red Bull

After five long years of waiting, it is settled: The Red Bull District Ride is coming back to Nuremberg! For years, fans have been waiting, guessing and hoping – now it’s official.

On September 9th and 10th, the most spectacular event in bike history will once again keep the 40,000 expected fans of urban freeriding on their toes. The Red Bull District Ride is all about style and speed: The riders tear down the track from start to finish as fast as their wheels will carry them and show truly sensational tricks on the various obstacles along the way. Just like in past years, the course snakes through the entire historic city center with the obstacles in various districts definitely being an extreme challenge – even to the world’s best 25 riders.

The last time the Red Bull District Ride called the absolute riding elite of the freeride mountain bike scene to Nuremberg was in 2006. The freeride sport was still young and witnessing what the athletes could do with a “regular” mountain bike, many of the 40,000 spectators could not believe their eyes. However, that performance is sure to be outdone since the sport has gone through a rapid development. Tarek Rasouli, initiator and sports director of the event says: “The level of tricks has risen dramatically and is higher than ever before – meaning that we can expect some unprecedented biking action. Furthermore, since the Red Bull District Ride also represents the final event of the FMB World Tour, the riders will show their best performance to score maximum points for the world ranking.”

Starting at the venerable emperor’s castle “Kaiserburg” , in 2011 riders will once again drop into the course over a gigantic castle wall drop that can boast to be the only one of its kind in the world. After that, the athletes cover roughly one kilometre in about 90 seconds, until they arrive at the finish on the market square. On their way, they’ll not only have crossed Nuremberg’s city center but will also have traversed the different variations of the mountain bike freeride sport – with the crowd watching right beside the course. “The participants and all young spectators of every age will definitely enjoy themselves this year. Personally, I’m looking forward to a contest with lots of excitement and pure biking action”, says Nuremberg’s mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly.

After only three editions in 2005 and 2006, the Red Bull District Ride has already achieved a legendary status in the scene and is still fresh in the minds of the locals. For the new edition coming up in September, the organizers are intending to surprise riders as well as fans once again with a monumental course design.

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