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UCI e o 4X – A minha opinião!


Dia 22 de Setembro deparei-me com esta noticia:

“Following the publication of the 2012 Mountain Bike calendar, the UCI confirms that Four-cross events will form part of the programme of the 2012 UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships to be held in Leogang, Austria.

However, due to the high costs of constructing tracks and their impact on the environment, the UCI has decided to withdraw this speciality from the programme of events at UCI Mountain Bike World Cups from next season.”
— UCI Official Release

We can only wonder how many top athletes will bother to race and train 4X for World Championships only? There still appears to be a reasonable 4X circuit in Europe or at least parts of Europe, however 4X has been pretty much gone from North America for several years. All of the bigger North American events including Crankworx. the Sea Otter Classic, and the US Open have switched to a GS or Dual Slalom format for the past few seasons.

With Jared Graves committing full time to DH next year he won’t really miss it, but how about athlete’s such as this year’s women’s World Champion Anneke Beerten or US 4X racer Melissa Buhl?


While 4X may have been taken out of the World Cup Circuit there is still a decent 4X scene in Europe with several National Series and also the Scwhalbe Euro 4X Series which winds up this weekend in the Czech town of Pec pod Snezkou. We’re waiting to hear the results of a 4X Alliance meeting tomorrow morning, we’ll post what we find out.

UK 4X racer Scott Beaumont had this to say on his facebook page

4X Alliance statement will be issued on Friday. It’s not over yet
— Scott Beaumont



Na minha opinião pouco falta para acabarem com o DH também…

Para a UCI o que importa é ciclismo e algum btt… É suposto ser como o nome indica uma união! Algo que represente os atletas, as suas necessidades e expectativas mas isso não acontece, os atletas pagam (e não é pouco) para verem as suas necessidades e expectativas ignoradas…

Neste caso em particular a UCI não avisou ninguém (equipas, atletas e organizadores) do cancelamento das provas…

Felizmente surge a The Fourcross Alliance com Scott Beaumont & Chris Roberts a levar o 4X para bons caminhos!

The Fourcross Alliance speaks out.
by Ian Hylands
Sep 24, 2011

Fourcross Alliance Press Release for Immediate Distribution

The Fourcross Alliance are as stunned and surprised as the majority of people out there at the UCI’s decision to remove 4X from the Mountain Bike World Cup Series in 2012. The discipline that has provided so much entertainment during the 2011 Mountain Bike Series seemed to have secured it’s future with the UCI after what will be remembered as the finest, most unpredictable race series ever seen.

This decision to simply remove the discipline with no warning to riders, teams, federations or organizers, with a complete disregard to any contracts that are currently in place is probably the point that we are most annoyed about. There are teams and riders out there who have contracts which will run through 2012 to race World Cup 4X. We definitely feel that some better consultation and warning would have been an appropriate move from UCI.

We really feel sorry for the World Cup organizers who have successfully won their bids and have contracts in place for the 2012 Mountain Bike World Cup season which was due to include 4X.

Although we see this decision as being entirely the wrong one from the UCI and it’s management committee, the Fourcross Alliance now see this as an opportunity to help develop the sport to it’s full potential by creating a new 4X World Series.

After what has been a very successful 2011 season for 4X, the sport has continued to grow and showcase 4X as being one of the most exciting cycling disciplines the UCI have ever created. To end the sport now we feel is a mistake and it is vital to the continued development of the sport that 4X remains on the World stage.

We have had nothing but words of support for 4X in the last 24 hours and we anticipate many more opinions to be voiced in the coming days.

All the positive comments for 4X that have been written on the Internet from people all over the world have only fueled our passion and devotion to make the new World 4x Series a success.

The Fourcross Alliance plan to work with the UCI, where possible, to create a new an exciting future for the sport of 4X.

The plans are already starting to take shape in the very short time period we have had to work on creating a new 4X World Series.

We have to get contracts in place before we start to publish details of the new 4X World Series but what we would like to say to all riders is continue to finalize your sponsorship deals for 2012 with the knowledge that we are working on creating a new 4X World Series for 2012 and beyond.

We would like to thank everyone for there messages & emails of support.

A full statement will be issued in due course.

Scott Beaumont & Chris Roberts
Fourcross Alliance


Muito sinceramente espero que esta Fourcross Alliance funcione tão bem como a FMBA(Freeride Mountain Bike Association) tem funcionado para o Dirt e o SlopStyle/FR. Para quem não conhece FMBA é uma associação de riders para riders que tem desenvolvido as suas modalidades, para terem uma ideia dos seus membros ( destaco DARREN BERRECLOTH, AARON CHASE, TODD BARBER… e a descrição da organização:

The Freeride Mountain Bike Association (FMBA) is a non-profit organization that follows the goal of guiding the mountain bike freeride sport into a more professional direction and firmly establishing it in the world of sports. To achieve this goal, the FMBA promotes high standards of judging, course design and safety and implements them in all events of the FMB World Tour. Athletes and event organizers are provided with a tangible world ranking system and reliable guidelines forming an organized and structured framework for a free and creative sport.

The FMBA advisory board is an alliance of core scene members consisting of professional athletes, event organizers and opinion leaders. After an internal voting February 2011, the FMBA’s Board of Directors consists of the president Todd Barber, vice president Tarek Rasouli and interim principal Alex Doerr.

O trabalho que têm feito é de louvar e muito sinceramente gostava de ver o DH fora da UCI e apoiado pela FMBA ou uma nova organização do género tipo união do “mountainbike and gravity events”!

Acho que é um assunto que interessa a todos e que deve ser falado.

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